Monday, January 27, 2014

Dog In A Grocery Cart - Safeway

Carol & I were in the Safeway store here in Wickenburg shopping.  We saw a lady carrying a fat little Mexican type dog in her arm.  I said to her that dogs aren’t allowed in food stores.  She said it was a service dog.  I saw no I.D. of any kind on the dog.  She walked away.  Carol informed the manger who said it’s probably a service dog and would check it out.  Later we were in the check out line and who showed up one isle over – the lady with the dog.  Now the dog was IN THE GROCERY CART setting up in the corner with it’s butt in the corner bottom.  I informed the cashier who said she couldn’t say anything.  I asked to call the manager which she did.  No manger and the lady was almost finished checking out.  Well, in my Marine Corps voice I let her know that what she was doing with that dog in the grocery cart was 100 per cent wrong by anybody’s common sense.  You don’t put a dog in a cart that people are going to put their food in.  I was VERY LOUD.  The cashier called for the manger again and added “NOW!”.  The manger appeared and as he walked by me he said he would take care of it and went up to the lady.  The dog was still in the cart.  He looked back towards me and said again that he was taking care of it.  I thought that was unnecessary to say that to me again.  I hadn’t said a word or even moved since he arrived.  Shoppers were watching and listening.  He told the lady that they should use the far exit.  He never returned to inform the patrons what the result was.  We stepped outside and the manager was walking the ladies cart and the lady was walking the dog next to him.  He aided her to her car.  The lady was middle aged and the dog appeared to be old.  We left. 

During the incident several people were commenting negatively about the lady to me but not to her.  Shame on them and anyone that doesn’t get involved in something like this.  Get involved or it will become the norm and then it’s an uphill battle.

The next day I called Safeway’s number on the receipt that said, “Let us hear from you”.  I did and actually talked to a human.  I reported the incident and said that I would like a reply back with Safeway’s policy in a matter like this.  I was told that I would be.

I also called the store manger and asked what was the final outcome.  He said that he told the lady not to put the dog in the grocery cart again and she agreed.  Also, he said that he wiped down the grocery cart.  I did see him do that before we left.

Get involved people!

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