Friday, January 3, 2014

Rolled It Over Again

DSCN0151 DSCN0152



What do you do when you get out. Kiss the ground I guess. DSCN0157

Nobody hurt except an ego maybe.  Ed Kruty has done this before.

I hooked my winch on my side by side to Ed’s ATV rear end.  It came out pretty easy.  After a little break he made the same route with no problem.  He was Happy Happy Happy,DSCN0159


We went on down the road and had breakfast here at the Spur Restaurant in Wickenburg.  It was pretty good and we will be back.DSCN0161

We returned back to North Ranch without incident.  Our adventure today was about 30 miles.

Denny and I washed our side by sides and then we even lubed them up.

Carol slowed cooked a Ham earlier and we had it for dinner along with Denny & Susie.  The ham was very tender.

See ya……