Sunday, January 12, 2014

LP Heat & Getting Tipsy

People have asked about how is our aftermarket heating system is working.  Pretty good.  Here’s where the quick connect comes out after hooking it up to the stove.  It has an additional turn off valve just on the other side of the quick connect that can’t be seen.   DSC_0003DSCN0183


Then the rubber line goes to the LP heater and we set it up front.  I think it’s a 1,600 BTU blue flame heater.DSC_0005  I think a little larger would be better.  We do not run it or any heat when we go to bed.  When not in use (traveling) we turn it off/disconnect it and set it under the table or behind the driver’s seat in cold weather.  In warm weather it goes underneath.

If we have electricity we might run a small electric heater in the middle of the tile floor in the living room.  We just don’t trust LP heat and just are very careful with electric.   It’s better just to stay in warm weather… duh.

These kind of topics come up out here in the desert.  Voltage is another subject.  I am still on a learning curve with our all electric frig.  The other night we didn’t get back to the RV until 9:30 PM.  The automatic generator start did it’s job and was running.  At 10 PM out here we as others turn off our generators.  Start up time is 7 AM.  So anyhow we turn it off at 10 PM.  We turn off the inverter (no frig) thus no 110 volt electric anywhere in the rig.   I get up anywhere between 2 & 5 AM usually for about about 2 hours.  I turn off the frig at the circuit breaker and turn on the inverter.  That gives me 110 electric to everything which I need for my computer.  Then when I go back to bed I turn off the inverter again.  When I get up in the morning we turn on the inverter (plus frig circuit breaker) and we can make coffee and watch TV and be very fine on our stored battery power.  If the sun comes up and it’s not shady we don’t need to turn on the generator again until an hour or so before we go to bed.  If it’s cloudy the generator will come on automatically for what I set it at.  I set this one to come on at 12 volts.  The frig I loose about 6-8 degrees overnight.  I have it set at 35 degrees.  Now this is with 490 volts of solar panels on the roof and eight AGM batteries.  That’s a little better than normal over all.

The side by side RZR had a flat today.  I put some “Fix A Flat” stuff in it and it seems to be holding.  I rode out to the Boomer area and really didn’t see hardly any Boomers out there yet.  The RZR is doing just fine so I am ready to do some more riding. 

This place is starting to fill up.  I think we got around 15 rigs right now.  It will grow each day.  Walt & Kellie were the last people to arrive last night.  We had a real nice gathering of the chairs last night.  It was ladies night and few got a little tipsy with “Fireball” whiskey. 

It was a fun evening.  Happy Happy Happy

See ya………