Thursday, January 9, 2014

RZR Side By Side ATV Fixed

It took Denny, Ed and myself a few hours to fix the RZR.  It turned out to be a small valve on the fuel line was loose and the cap for it was gone.   After replacing the valve and cap we put it back together.  It ran like a champ.  Thanks guys plus a few others too!  A guy puts up his hood, brakes out the tools and stares at it.  Sooner or later guys will appear out of no where and we all are experts. You know, it’s a guy thing.DSC_0001-001

Just got this picture from a few days ago back from the developer.DSCN0182

The evenings start out like this…DSC_0008

Then end up like this…DSC_0003-001


Somebody turn out the lights…’s 7:30 PM and bed time.DSC_0008-001

Temps in the 70’s and 40’s all this week.

Happy Happy Happy…..

See ya……