Saturday, January 4, 2014

Get Ready

All RVers know what it means to Get Ready to move.  We are in that stage along with Denny & Susie and Ed & Sandy.  Monday Denny/Susie and us will be in Quartzsite for over 3 weeks.  Ed & Sandy will be coming in Tuesday.  They are slower.  Must be because they have a dog.

I hooked the trailer up at our lot and brought it down to Denny’s.  I checked the lights and all that stuff.  Then I loaded the side by side ATV on it.  It was a piece of cake.  I’m going to tow it behind the Baby and Carol will drive the Jeep.  I didn’t want to double tow like in the past.  It’s just not the safest thing to do.  Too much wiggle for me.

We put our lot here at North Ranch up for sale.  No realtors.  We just put a 3X5 card up on the bulletin board at the main office.  If it sells, it sells, if it don’t, it don’t.  If you know anyone that might be interested tell them to email us.  It’s one of the last unimproved large lots here.  It backs up near the activity center which means no back door neighbors.  It has two entrances.  One in front (paved) and one in the rear (gravel).  Very few lots have that ability.  Anyhow, drop us an email –

I lowered the 4 solar panels on the roof.  I got all the “stuff” out of the Jeep and put it in the belly of the Baby.  I even have the back seat back in the Jeep.  We left it here last year because we wanted the space.  Now if anyone can fit in the rear they can ride with us.  It’s a tight fit getting in/out for most people over 60 years old.  Tomorrow I will empty the tanks and fill with water. 

We’re not leaving until late Monday morning.  No rush what so ever.  Sunday will be the little stuff, rest and football playoffs.

See ya…………