Saturday, January 25, 2014

On The Lot

Hey, great NEWS.  We will be assisting Ed & Sandy Kruty at the  Moab Outdoor Adventure HOP  April 21-25 in Moab, Utah.  It’s a Jeep type Adventure.  It’s sold out but if you’re interested get on their waiting list.  You never know.

From there we will be heading slowly North to Alaska with an estimated date of arrival in Dawson Creek, BC area around the 22nd of May.  Up the road from there about 200 miles on the 24th we expect to be with 12 other Loosey Goosey members.

Today (Sat) we moved over to our Lot. DSC_0001 DSC_0002 DSC_0003

We are booneing it smoothly.  We have empty tanks, full water and the 8 AGM batteries are fully charged.  That along with 590 watts of solar power on the roof we are set up right hopefully.  We shall see how long we stay.  Yes, the Lot is For Sale.

I forgot.  Lat night (Fri) we went with Denny & Susie up the mountain to Yarnell’s American Legion for dinner.  They had ribs for $9 and they were good.  I even got to eat most of Carol’s.

Today was a good day except I had an old tooth crown and post come out.  I guess I will wait till we get down near Mexico in March to get it looked at.  There goes a few dollars.

Happy Happy Happy and toothless some more.

See ya…………..