Thursday, January 2, 2014

Who’s On First

At 9 AM we had 16 ATVs and side by sides for this morning’s run.  We were all going to go up the mountain to Yarnell for breakfast.  Denny & I plus two others decided right from the get go thus was two many and was going to be too slow.  I was last.  About 5 minutes into it we turned left while the gaggle went straight.  We had a blast going the 17 miles to the restaurant in Yarnell.  We had a nice over priced breakfast.  Part of the other group arrived half way thru our breakfast.  It was time to go back down the mountain.  This time we had 5 side by sides.  Again I was last.  Being last is usually called the tail gunner.  I call it getting more dusty than anyone else.  One guy had to stop to water the vegetation so I stopped being the tail gunner.  The rest of the crowd unknowingly continued on.   Then there was only two of us.  Then I had to stop and get rid of some extra water I was carrying.  Then there was one – me!  I have a very rough idea how to get back.  Rough in that I knew to go north towards the sun.  I took no wrong turns rather they were to make sure the trails were in my direction of desire.  Well, I ended up at the pearly gate.  It wasn’t really pearly it was more like a big modern 15’ by 30’ gate and on the other side was my escape route – a paved road.  How can I get around this big gate.  I went up to it and it opened.  Love that modern technology.  I got on the paved state route and now headed west.  I know where I was and where to go.  I got my side by side up to about 45 MPH and felt safe at that speed.  The speed limit was 65 but no takers around me.  I arrived back at the rig.  Nobody was around.  I was the first back.  I later found out that they were all looking for me out in the desert.  Hmmmmmm.  They think I left them.  Wrong there dragon breath.  They all left me to die.  Well, not to die.  Oh, I almost ran out of fuel too.  Anyhow, all is well.

Then a couple of hours later Susie & Denny had a few people over that wanted to know about Alaska.  We all jaw jacked for two hours of all of our adventures.  It was fun.

Then it was time to go down to Ed & Sandy.  I had a smoked pork butt to share with all.  That included Ed & Sandy,  Steve & Lila,  Denny & Susie, Usins, and Gary and Leanne Boone.  The newbies, Gary & Diane, we think were somewhat curious about all of our crazy adventures.  They must think we are weird when we called Mark and oinked him like a squealing little pig.  I think they might stick around with us for awhile.  Maybe study us.

The camera is in the side by side outside and since it’s 5 AM and dark, no pictures for this blog.  The boogey man might get me.

Another ride tomorrow.  Maybe I should take a flare gun.  OR don’t ride in the rear.

See ya………