Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Full Time Jeeping – I mean RVing

Carol & I went Jeeping going by ourselves in areas we’ve never been before.  Pictures speak for themselves.DSC_0003

At the bottom of this picture and in the center is a trail going down and it is steep.   Another day maybe.DSC_0017



Just checking the trail out down a we bit.DSC_0011

Just checking out the water situation.DSC_0014



Art & Caroline Fennell stopped in to stay a night.  They’re en route to Parker to VCR the Chapter 21 Rally.

Escapees are stopping by and asking about the social next week.  They’ve seen the signs that Denny has put up.

Maybe we can get some ATVing in around here soon.  Who knows.  We’re not really planning anything and it’s all spur of the moment.   Happy Happy Happy.

See ya….