Thursday, January 23, 2014

Flying Machines

Times are changing.  Previous rallies are ending and new rallies groups are moving in.  Some of the people around us have moved on.  Our turn will be tomorrow (Fri).  But today is today.  By 9 AM we had three different flying devices around us.  One was a balloon, number two was a little flying wing thing and third an airplane landed and later took off.  All within 50-100 yards of us.  We haven’t seen a show like this in the 13 years we’ve been coming out here.   I guess it’s really time to move on.  I don’t want to look up and see a cow flying if you know what I mean.

DSC_0008 DSC_0014 DSC_0011

Who would have ever thought a friggin airplane would land nearby.  I was on the look out for pigs at this point.DSC_0004

I took Carol into town for her line dancing.  I then decided to go to the tent to see who was working the Escapees booth.  Good friends Kelly and Walt were and at least Kelly was working.  Walt was being Walt.  The tent was a little busy so I did not do the walk around.  Just not up to it.

It was a mad house getting out of the parking area.  I ended up going towards Love’s truck stop to get out with the least hassle.  I figured I would stop there and get a sub from Subway.  While waiting in line to pay for the sub I noticed a Chester’s Chicken in the same line basically.  I looked up at their advertising board and there it was “GIZZARDS”.  I love gizzards and ordered a small order.  They were GOOD!  Hey, what can I say. 

I picked up Carol and while driving back I asked her if she wanted any of my gizzards.  I got The Look!  the rest of the day was quiet. 

Towards late afternoon we drove 15 miles down to the RV School gathering.  It starts Friday but we won’t be around to enjoy it.  George & Valerie were there of course.  I think three students and three instructors were already there also.  Here’s a cool set of people Carol & I have the pleasure to know over 7-8 years.  Sharon & Frank on the left and Steve and Laura.  What nice and friendly guys.  Sorry we couldn’t stay and have fun with you guys.  Hope Yuma works out for you Steve.  DSC_0024

Last night was a better night for me than the last few nights of being sick.  Maybe I’m on the down side of what ever I got.  Staying out of the dust (riding the ATV) has helped I’m sure.  Darn it.

We haven’t packed up any of our outside stuff so that will all happen at once to include putting down the solar panels in the morning.   While on the roof I will be on the look out for low flying objects.  We will head back to North Ranch near Wickenburg and hopefully some of the dust will blow off the rig and us.

See ya…….