Tuesday, January 28, 2014

One More Time

Wow, I did get responses from yesterday’s blog.  Everything from good (mostly) to I should have been arrested (one).

If a dog is a companion dog, or a therapy dog and has no specific training to assist a person with a medical disability, it is NOT classified as a service dog by many medical and dog associations to include the American Disability Act - period.

If a person has an unidentified dog in a no dog area and you are very caring and show a positive sincere  interest, I will ask them what the dog is trained to do in at least AZ.  The owner will usually be more than glad to inform me of such if they are good nature and understanding people.  If they are poop heads about my curiosity/concern, I will inform management of the situation.  If they don’t do anything, I will call the police.  It’s that simple – kinda.

If you are a poop head yourself, you will get what you deserve more than likely.

I was a loud mouth yesterday about the lady having her dog’s butt in the corner of a food cart in a grocery store and management wasn’t addressing the health problem.  NO, I am not sorry!  It had nothing to do with a so called service dog.  Touchy feely and being nice goes out the window when it comes to being obviously stupid and not respecting the health of others – period.  

Enough said.

Part of yesterday and today I was fixin beans and ham soup.  My bean and ham soup consist of that along with celery, carrots, salt, pepper and onion fakes.  Keep it simple.

After boiling everything I put it all n a crock pot just to melt all the flavors together for this evenings get together.

In the meantime Carol decided the tree was going to be trimmed and the cactus was coming down quite a bit since most of it was any how.DSC_0005

The cat didn’t careDSC_0010

We woke up with these five rabbits…..DSC_0004

The get together was at Denny & Susie's place.  What started out to be 9 people at our rig turned into 19 people at Denny/Susie’s and a potluck.  Nope, ain’t going to name them.   It was one of those were the women are in one area by themselves and the guys are over by themselves.  It sounded like the girls had more fun based on their laughter.  It was fun and all the food was real good.  

See ya……