Monday, January 6, 2014

Off To Be Part Of The Different RVers

Early this morning Carol & I were active getting ready to move.  Once the sun came out I emptied our tanks and made sure our water was full.  Then disconnected everything everything except the electric.  Carol was busy inside.  Then we had to wait for the post office to open to pick up our much needed mail.  Mission accomplished. 

When we returned from the post office it got a little interesting.  The hitch and Tow Defender were off the Baby and stored in our shed.  I had to hook up the side by side RZR on a trailer to the Jeep.  DSC_0001 Then I drove it onto the street and disconnected the trailer.  Moved the Jeep out of the way.  Carol backed the Baby out of Denny & Susie’s lot and drove it front of the trailer.  I then hooked up the trailer to the Baby.  Thus I will tow the trailer with the RZR on it and Carol will drive the Jeep.  It was a little bit of a gaggle but we knew what we had to do and the sequence.  Off to Quartzsite for 3+ weeks we go to be part of the weird and bazaar living out in the desert.

Here’s Denny & Susie almost ready to move out.DSC_0002

It was the usual nice quiet 9 miles to Quartzsite.  It sure was nice to get back in the driver’s seat again. DSC_0011 DSC_0002-001DSC_0014  DSC_0017

Oh, last year we drove the Newmar 11,000 miles and the Winnebago 2,800 miles for a grand total of 13, 800 miles for the entire year.  That’s the least amount of miles we have ever driven since 2000.  I guess we are slowing down.  Maybe not.  This year with going to Alaska and the East Coast we are looking at about 14,000 miles.  That’s better than the 18,000 or so miles we used to do when we owned the RV Driving School.  That’s the way it use to be, so be it.

Here’s the tall power pole that we will be staying at for the next 11 nights or so.  I guess you can say we might get a charge from staying here.DSC_0019

Here’s some quick pictures for the time being. DSC_0005


Here’s Susie driving Mr. Daisy.DSC_0004


Here’s where we had dinner.  We all got 10 tacos and two sodas for $12 and then they closed up behind us.  What does that mean?DSC_0006

The 4 solar panels went up in the air on the Baby.  The stock 5th solar panel is non moveable.   That’s 490 watts on the roof and 8 AGM batteries down below.  This adventure at Quartzsite will be a learning thing of the solar power, batteries, frig and inverter for sure.

It was a quiet evening.  Getting use to the nearby interstate noise already.   Went to bed about 9 PM and the voltage was 13.2 with the inverter on due to the frig.  It’s now 5 AM and the voltage is 12.3 which is good.  I lit up the LP portable heater an hour ago and it’s slow to heat.  It’s 39 degrees outside and 62 degrees inside.  I will fire up the Baby’s furnace later on this morning for my beautiful bride (brownie points much needed).

I believe all of us will be going to La Mesa RV for a free breakfast.  They do it every year for everybody and anybody.

See ya…………..