Thursday, January 9, 2014

Broke It But Not Up In Flames

Denny, Ed & I went out for what turned out to be over a 30 mile ATV ride one way for me.

I broke the 2008 Polaris side by side near Bouse, AZ and just barely made it to this little 2 pump, 3 restaurant town.  I went from a half of tank of fuel to empty in about 10 miles.  Needless to say it was a fuel problem to the max.  It was leaking real bad and the engine was missing.  I took off my seat belt in case it went up in flames.  I was ready.

Carol & Dave K brought a trailer over and we loaded it up and went back to camp.  The guys showed up almost 2 hours later.

We will start taking it apart tomorrow maybe.  Hopefully it’s a fuel line but still have to take the rear end top off.  Such is life.

See ya……..