Friday, January 24, 2014

Hey! I Look Pretty

Today we head northeast to the SKP park called North Ranch in Congress, AZ.  First we thought we would take advantage of getting LP for $2.49 a gallon and it’s right along our way downtown.  We got it with no problem.  We used about 9 1/2 gallons out in the desert for the 18 nights we were out there.  We used an estimated 8 gallons of diesel for the generator.  The total cost – priceless for the experience.

Here’s what the normal traffic situation is like in Quartzsite during the big tent event.  This is stop and go usually. DSC_0002

I know the car probably only weighs about 1,500 lbs but still it just can’t be good for the fiberglass body and Tiffin’s frame.  It just don’t look safe either.  It reminds me of one of those cheap cargo carriers with a handicap scooter hanging down off the back of a car.


The way to North Ranch is a nice quiet drive for me.  I like these kind of roads.DSC_0003

Here’s what I looked like after my last ride in .  I was the leader and still got dusty.  Gary Boone sent me this picture – thanks.DSCN0588-003

Happy Happy Happy and dirty…..

See ya…..