Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Old RV Blogs Of Alaska/Hot Stuff

This morning I logged into the Escapees web page.  I haven’t been able to do that for months and months.  They changed their web something or another months ago and I couldn’t log on.  Bottom line… my old computer had to be updated with this and that.  I said oh well.   Long story but I ended up with a new computer that Carol couldn’t use.  Sure I will take a new computer.  I just about got the thing the way I want it with the things I use in it. 

Anyhow, I was able to log on the Escapees web site now.  I looked around.  It’s really nice looking.  I found a picture they used of me instructioning Carol in the Farton (Phaeton) backing up.  It was a seminar on RV Driving for Boot Camp at Goshen, IN years ago. 

Next I started looking at Alaska Blogs that the Escapees had listed.  Ours wasn’t in the list but Sharon and Don’s was and others too.  I spent hours reading these different blog trips to Alaska.  I really got lost in them.

Oh, a couple of blogs ago I said we were in Yuma.  Nope, not yet.  We’re in Tucson. 

I did a walk around the campground today and had my little camera.  So, here’s what I saw.

Yes a pet wash station.  Hey, the Air Force wants every thing clean.  They could make it into a person bath house.DSCN0969

Here’s a boone docker with solar and all.DSCN0970

Here’s the rest of the boone dock campsites.DSCN0977

You think this Chevy can pull a 5th wheel?DSCN0972

For a second I thought it was our Jeep.  I did trade it in here in Tucson a few months ago.  It wasn’t ours.  Other people have good taste like us.DSCN0974

Now this is a cool Ford.  Maybe cooler than Don’s Ford.DSCN0976

Holiday Rambler motorhome with a tag axle.  What a classic.  Not in bad shape either.DSCN0978

Cool Mustang and from Alaska.  It looks better in peron and standing 20 feet away.DSCN0979DSCN0983

Not a very clear picture but they have both the grey and blackwater tank valves open. Ewwwww.  Trouble down the road.DSCN0984

Ed & Sandy Kruty arrived here in TUCSON today.  They got a site away from all of us.  I told them they had to change their clothes a little more often.  Plus take a shower with Ajax.  Just kidding…..no Ajax.

Everybody ended up at our rig later.  DSC_0005DSC_0006

Wow, can you tell we all socialized very well.  Don did the smart thing – he was napping.  The Fireball and 6.9 beer was brought out and all them there electronic stuff went away.  I think they didn’t want to get them wet.

For dinner we got out the left overs with the most mold.  We put all of them left overs in a bucket and heated them up.  Hey Hobo soup.  We also had the Fireball and the 6.9 beer available.   We had some wheat crackers (diet stuff) along with some of Mark’s green stuff in a jar and a jar of red stuff.  They were so hot we couldn’t tell which one was the hotest.  Thanks Mark.  We also had the Fireball and the 6.9 beer available.  Where’s the diet ice cream?  On my early morning walk I think I will walk from the park’s restroom to restroom.  I should be able to make it.  It really Depens!

Tomorrow we have nothng planned.  We will play it by ear since I have still have one left that  works right.

See ya………….