Tuesday, December 22, 2015

5 Days And We Are Gone

It’s firggin 69 degrees at 7 AM.  That’s really something.  The light rain is hanging around all this warm weather.

This is Wed AM and I’m doing Tuesday’s blog.  I done forgot what I did yesterday for the most part.

I know our valve for switching from park water to tank water in the big RV isn’t working.  If we leave the valve on park water our fresh water tank overflows.  It’s hard to get to the switch so it ain’t gonna get replaced before we leave.

The pork butt was suppose to be done around 7-8 AM yesterday morning.  Nope.  I have an alarm for when it’s done and about 3 AM it said it was done and it was.  I had to go and pull it out of the smoker, wrap it up in tin foil, then a blanket, then put it in an ice chest until we’re ready to eat it.  That is about 7 hours later.  I’ve never done it that long.

The gang is here and the pork butt is warm.  Carol made some cole slaw and I warmed up some Bush’s beans for all.  I didn’t think about pictures until we were done.DSC_0001DSC_0002DSC_0003

Lets’s see….Dave & Jan Wilson, Jon & Sue Glick, Greg & Jan White and Carol & I.  We put a hurtin on that smoked pork butt.  Oh, Greg is a comuter geek.  He set up my old computer to down load over 5 years of pictures into a back up drive.  It took hours and hours even after they left.  Now I have to get them in my new comuter so I can have easy access to them.  thanks Greg.

Everybody left about 3 PM or so.  About 3:30 PM we left for Woodville where my Mom is in an assisted living facility there.  We got there about 4:15 and we were going to go out for dinner…BUT.. as she was getting into our car her knee gave out.  I lifted her up (ouch for both of us) into a walker chair and returned her back to her room.  We decided going out for dinner wasn’t going to happen.  We gave her Christmas gifts which she enjoyed.  After a while we said our goodbyes until next year.

Mom’s health isn’t the greatest for sure.  I think the place she’s in will put her in a regular rest home in the near future.  She has trouble getting into out of her wheel chairs, bed, etc.  We will deal with it when it happens of course.

Carol & I went to Elija’s (Woodville) for dinner.  Mom didn’t want a To Go Box and ate at the facility with friends.

We got back home and rested.  During all this excitement I did hurt my back.  I’m not suppose to take my Ipurphen (sp).  Opps, there go my walks again.  Get this.  Then last couple of days I’ve been eating cookies that friends bring over.  I had pulled pork, ate dinner out and I lost 2 lbs.  It just don’t figure….

The blogging geeks haven’t figured out to put spell check or grammer check into these blogs yet.  So, I HAVE and WILL continue to be myself.  I type slower than I think which is usually trouble.  My proof reading is just about not really there.  It reads fine to me!

We’re talking about maybe leaving Saturday vice Sunday.  Cold weather is coming in Sunday/Monday.  We will see how it goes with my back and finishing up the loading like the tow bar, etc….

We’re thinking about going to Brokshire grocery store and ordering a Christmas dinner from them.  We have no plans.  Sometimes it just works out that way.

See ya…..love that this blogging system has returned.