Friday, December 11, 2015

RV 15' Too Short!

Another blog that I’m having trouble to post…..but get ur done any way I can.  I think I need to change my browser.  Back to copy and paste…..  Maybe I can get Jon to change my browser.

Anyhow….. We went to a Chapter 10 luncheon today.  It was more like a set in.  There were 40 of us and only two waitresses for us.  Yes, they had more but I guess other tables were more important.  Yes, I’m being sarcastic.  Everyone was there at 1 PM as they requested.  They didn’t want us to come during their heavy lunch hour.  We ordered.  The two waitresses took everyone’s order then gave it to the cook(s) to prepare.  We got ours about 1:45 PM.  We requested To Go boxes when we got ours.  Ten minutes later we asked the owner (serving drinks) for To Go boxes and she promptly got them and we left at 2 PM and not everybody had gotten their food yet.  That’s sad, plus their prices aren’t really cheap.  Half of small sandwich and soup with ice tea $9 bucks.  The food tasted fine like an eatery should be but not always is in some places.  The place is called “My Place”.  They can keep their place.

Carol had a 2:30 PM Dr appointment.  We just barely made it.  We were there and out in a half hour.  I guess that made up for the looooong lunch that we took with us.

We got back home (big rig) and settled in doing things.  I turned on the water and turned off the water pump.  If we leave them both on the water tank over flows.  It’s a switch that is very hard to get to so we just don’t turn them both on at the same time.  That’s simple enough.

The little RV’s back up monitor wouldn’t swivel up or down on our trip home the other day.  I thought I would take a look at it.  Gotta be something simple.  Turned the monitor on and it was OK.  That’s mind kind of fix.  Next was to set the time in the dash radio.  It got messed up when the chassis battery was exchanged.  Good thing I have a Dr Degree (in BS) because it wasn’t easy but I got ur done.

The temps today were near 80 degrees and the humidity was 100% according to the TV.  We know it’s true if they said it on TV right?  I didn’t know it could be 100% humidity without raining.

It’s supposed to rain today (Saturday) and Sunday morning.  We’re taking the little RV over to Conroe, TX Sunday for a few days.  I got my last Dr follow up appointment Monday over there.  There’s a Thousand Trails over there and that’s free for us.  What a deal….just costs us gas and time. 

Carol’s making a list of things she would like to add to the little RV like another 15 feet.  Just kidding…kinda.  We’re trying to put only very light things in the slide out.  It’s that Lippert motor system that isn’t that great in slide outs.  Someone told me they spray oil on theirs just about every time they use their slide out.  I like that and have started doing it on the little RV.  I haven’t done it on the big RV yet but will start before we move the slide out in.  Something simple that just might work for poor engineering (cheap).

See Ya