Wednesday, December 2, 2015


We went to Carol’s doctor (follow up)today.  Now she’s only been to the ER and they are the ones that said it was a sprang.  Today at her regular doctor she said it was a fracture.  So, tomorrow Carol see’s an orthopedic doc.  Then the next day, Friday, I go get my check out procedure done.  Damn, we are busy.

Our little RV needs a doc too.  I’m it and diagnosed it as needing an engine battery.  It  really struggles to turn the engine over.  The voltage was 11.3v.  I hooked my solar battery charger up to it.  Tomorrow I will check and see if it does any good.  I want to hold off until next year (Oct 2016) if at all possible.  Then I will have a new battery for Alaska.  It’s a group 65 battery which is pretty popular.

My box batteries appear to be new and are in real good shape.

I was going to wash the RV/roof.  I got up on the roof and changed my mine.  The roof needs a real good wash and I’m just not up to it.  I blame the 55 degrees high today for not doing it.

We think Ed and Sandy need to return.  We need drivers and a worker boy (Ed).  We can provide a 50 amp full hook up site, vehicle and most tools and a lot of encouragement.

See ya……………..