Wednesday, December 16, 2015

RVing Two

This blog is for Wednesday.  Still having a little trouble.
We had a nice time at Thousand Trails Park in Conroe, TX.  The weather cooperated real nice for us.  We even got to set outside several times.  This was our second little trip in the Little RV.  We are figuring things out to make it more comfortable each time. 

I’ve been on Verapamil for my blood pressure for over 20 years.  It’s not working anymore.  He put me on Amlodipine.  He said try it for 30 days.  If the blood pressure comes down – great and stay on it.  If it doesn’t come down or side effects are too much, go back to Verapamil when I want and see him in April either case.  Oh yea, loose more weight and double my exercise which I’ve been doing pretty good on.  Oh yea, my doctor gave me the best diagnosis that I’ve had in a long time.  I was moaning and groaning to him about all the ER/hospitals I’ve been in the last couple of years or so.  I asked what was wrong.  Why all these aliments.  He looked me square in the eyes and said, “Dennis you’re getting old.”  Wow, I wonder if Medicare paid for that?  Blah, blah…..

It was time to get back to Livingston from Conroe.  We left about 8 AM because Carol wanted to get back to Livingston to go to her Stitch & Bitch group.  I don’t think they call it that, just the guys when the women aren’t around.  Afterwards we went to Brookshire’s to pick up my meds.  Then back to the park and pick up our mail and Carol’s meds.  Damn, picking up meds is part of lives right now.

Disadvantage of having two RVs.  It’s like having a house and an RV and being a weekender.  You get back and you have to unload the RV.  Try it with a mobile, and two RVs.  We try not to move too much stuff around so when we leave we won’t forget anything.  We are all spread out even though we live in the big RV and we leave in about 10 days.  That will be nice.  Now I have to winterize the mobile and the little RV.  It’s been over 15 years since I had to winterize an RV.  I got to really think about this.  Let’s see, put in a fuel stabilizer and run the generator and motor.  Clean out all the tanks, OK, open all the drains and blow out the lines with air, take the plug out of the hot water heater, disconnect the house batteries and hook up the solar to the engine battery, put the cover on the front windshield, empty all food out….hey, this is work but easy work.  Then do the mobile plus outside water spigots.  Oh yea, three refrigerators down to one.  It will be really time to leave after all that. Thursday will be a lot little things we have to get done before we leave.  Like the cat shots, Carol’s license update, pay land tax, start smoking some of this frozen food and so on.  Better all this now than when Christmas is here for sure.

I would add some pictures put my camera is elsewhere.  See what I mean about moving stuff around.  I think it’s in the little RV and it’s 4 AM and 42 degrees’ out.

See ya….