Thursday, December 3, 2015

Fake Cast

Carol went to her foot doctor today (Thursday).  Yep, it’s official now, it’s fractured.  They installed an air foot device.  She can pump the device up so it feels more comfortable.  Now, she can walk on her foot a little bit.  Another four weeks the doc said.  As you can see, see’s not really happy about this whole ordeal and another 4 weeks!  No return appointment unless there is a problem.  So, she’s almost finished with her doctors.DSC_0001

Her doctor’s office wanted $300 for the new device.  I said hold on here dragon breath, that’s not right.  We shouldn’t pay anything!  I explained our insurance which they said they were familiar with.  They made a few phone calls and low and behold the price came down to $60 which I still disagreed with but paid.  We will contact our insurance company and get it straighten out one way or another.

My ultrasound is tomorrow (Friday).  After that we will find out when we will be leaving Texas.  If it’s no more doctors, then it’s no more Texas.

The little RV needs an engine battery like I said the other day.  I got one more test to do to see if something is drawing current from the battery.  If not, I will go to O’Reillys Auto store here in Livingston.  I already visited them.  They got a battery (Motorcraft) that has a free replacement for 3 years for $153.  Plus they just started a 10% discount for veterans.  Plus, plus they install it free.  Now we’re talking……. Probably a Saturday or Sunday thing if they don’t keep me at the hospital.  Seems like I have a magnet for ER/hospitals the last few years.

Monday we are planning a maiden voyage for the little RV & Carol to Bolivar Peninsula.  There’s a Passport America park there.  It’s about 20 miles NE of Galveston via a ferry.  Carol as an appointment to get her new I.D. card made Tuesday in Galveston.  We will be towing her Mercury.

Our night temps have dropped into the 30’s.  That means the heat pumps can’t work.  We have two heaters that work fine.  The little heater is set on low and a bigger heater we set on 66 degrees.  They keep the coach at 71 degrees.  Winter is here – time to leave but can’t.

See ya………