Saturday, December 19, 2015

Move That RV - Nope

Eight days and we are out of here heading West.  Getting excited like newbies going full time RVing.

This morning I did a 2 mile walk in 40 minutes. I average about a ½ mile in 10 minutes.  That’s moving out but not a power walk.  It’s too easy to blow off in the evening that’s why in the morning.  I had to wear 4 layers of clothing plus a hat with ear overs this morning because it was still in the 30’s.  Carol said I was prepping for Alaska 2017.

Still having a rough time getting the pictures loaded into this blog and can’t seem to get the pictures the right size and the spacing is terrible.

Today is a do nothing special day.  That means nothing has to be done.  Got some choices to do things but nothing special like it has been this past week.  I started moving “stuff” from the mobile, from the little RV and from the barn to the big RV’s underside.  That’s my department.  Carol makes piles in those areas then I carry them to the big RV for her.  That’s her department.  We got just about everything loaded now we are getting the “oh yea stuff.”

I’m going to have a problem with getting stuff into our one freezer.  I decided the other day to start thawing and smoking the meat.  I did the chicken parts.  Today was smoke the pork tenderloin.  It really came out good don’t you think?  If your mouth is watering, then it did.
I went to Lowe’s to get their 5 plier set for $10 normally $30.  The box was empty near the door where they have their sale items.  I went to the tool section and it was empty too.  I turned around and there was one set setting on top of other tools.  I picked it up and looked for something wrong with it.  Nope.  I checked out and plus got my military veteran 10% discount   after showing them my retired I.D. card.  That turned out to be a good adventure.

We’re suppose to get into the 70’s Christmas week.  Wow…….yes, that is not normal.  Of course I didn’t mention the chance of rain every day.
See ya………….