Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Today (Tuesday) we went to the U.S. Coast Guard Station Galveston via the car.  We got to ride across the water via the ferry (vehicles too).  The ferry usually runs at least one boat every hour.   They have three ferries for the busy days and they are 24 hours a day weather permitting.   AND they are free.  We even got an escort by a pod of porpoises.   Once we got off the 15 minute ferry ride we drove about a 1/2 mile and arrived at the station.  Carol got her new military I.D. at the station in very little time.

We didn’t really go anywhere due to Carol being unable to walk.  We returned to the park via the ferry  and vegetated the day away.

Carol & the kitty both did well for camping in a small RV.  We only hooked up to the 30 AMP electric although we had full hook up.  We had empty gray/black water tanks and full water when we arrived.  We didn’t conserve we just wanted to get a rough feeling how everything works.

We will probably leave tomorrow. 

See ya………….