Thursday, December 17, 2015

RVing Friends & RV Weather

RVing and the weather.  Weather still changes wither you’re in a house or a RV.  That sure was a brilliant conclusion wasn’t it?  What’s good about being in an RV is that you can move to warmer weather.  True you can do that if you have a house but you can’t take your house with you.  Here in Livingston, TX the temps have been about 10 degrees warmer than normal but more rain.  That’s nice!  After a while, we get use to the weather no matter what it is.  What’s good about full timing or extended RVing, we carry all of our clothes with us.  No real big deal.  Not as many set outs/cookouts in colder weather is a drawback.  Plus, rolling up the electrical cord is a bitch in cold temps.

We had a surprise at our door.  Cathie Carr stopped by to say Merry Christmas and all that.  It’s been awhile since she’s been here.  We don’t go out to her and Bud’s place because they live too far away.  Maybe that was planned!

Jon & Sue Glick stopped by to say Happy Holidays too.  They brought some homemade bread for us to enjoy.  Thanks guys….

Last night it dropped below 40 degrees so our heat pumps in the big RV stopped working (normal).  I turned on one electric heater that kept us going at about 70 degrees.  We don’t use the RV’s LP heating systems (2).  We just don’t trust them plus there not efficient at all.  Now the little RV doesn’t have heat pumps.  It just has the LP heat system that we don’t use.  Again, we have a little electric heater that we set on the table and use.  In Alaska we will use a Mr Buddy heater with an outside 20 lb LP tank.  OR I might connect into the RV’s LP tank.  I still have to figure out how to get the hose inside.  That system will not be running at night or when we are away.

I plotted our overnight stays when we head out west in our RV GPS.  Assuming we stay at them, no reservations.  We might boone it.  It depends on how we feel, the weather and all that stuff.  We’re going what we call the northern route (turn left at Ft Worth from Livingston) for us and ending up in Tucson, Yuma and Quartzsite, AZ.  We haven’t been this way for many years so why not.  Details later as we leave.
Later  in the day I started to winterize the little RV.  I took off the hub cabs so I could check the tire air pressures.  Yes, I have to take off the hub cabs to check the pressures.  Aren't these RV manufactures smart.  Anyhow, I was down 30 lbs. in one rear tire.  I checked it and it appears the air valve insert is leaking.  I went to the auto store and got some air valve inserts and the insert tighten/ remover gizmo.  I will check out the tires in the very near future.
I've stated walking one mile each day and at a very good pace.  It takes me 20 minutes.  I don't know how long this will last.

See Ya……………….