Monday, December 28, 2015

RV Door Lock Thing


Our RV door won’t lock or unlock with our key fob (clicker).  We actually have to use a key.  RVing is rough (not really – duh).  Plus our entrance step kept going in and out while driving.  I took it apart a few days ago and put it all back together and it worked for awhile.  This time I was on a mission to fix this simple thing again and better.

I decided to go to Harbor Freight and get a soldering gun and solder and did.DSC_0003


Plus I got a battery maintainer for $7.  I just had to have one.  It’s a guy thing.  DSC_0004

Well, I took the door thing apart and realized that I couldn’t solder it.  Oh poo.  I bent, pushed, pulled the wires and reconnected the push in device.  It works.  Time to rest…. 

While at Harbor Freight I went into a Walmart Grocery Store.  Just groceries.  Carol gave me a credit card and a short list.  Well, don’t give a hungry guy a credit card and send him into a grocery store.  $105 dollars later I was happy.

When Carol saw all the groceries she just laughed.  I did get her cookies and pretzels.  Hey, got to keep them women happy.

Later we went to dinner with Don & Sharon again.  This was an Asian buffet called, “You Like It.”  We’ve been here before and for $10 bucks each it’s hard to beat.  It was really good.  I managed to stay away from the fried food.  That was hard.  Lots of seafood and a big salad with a lot of healthy add on’s.  I did have a couple of small sweets for dessert.  No regrets for eating at a buffet.

Temps are remaining below 40 degrees at night so no heat pumps.  We just use two electric heaters and all is well.

See ya…….