Monday, December 21, 2015

6 Days And This RV Is Out Of Here

I think the cat will have to find a different bed than my driver seat.

I lost the comment section of this blog I think. I can’t find it on the blog and the blog compose say’s it’s there?  Do you see it?  I used a fuel stabilizer in the Little RV (& generator).  The guy at the auto store said this stuff is better than the others and went on to explain but I don’t remember a thing other than buying it.  
It is Lucas which is a well known brand. I went ahead and put it in the gas tank and started the engine and generator. I let them run for about 10 minutes. So, that should take care of any build up from the unleaded gas in the fuel injection and carburetor (generator).

Next was to marinate one more pork butt. I did the mustard and seasoning thing and it was already at room temperature. I let it set for about 4 hours. At high noon it went to the smoker at 230 degrees. I wonder if Jan & Greg will like it Tuesday when they come over for lunch.

I got a temperature do hickey that will go off at 195 degrees. I figure about 7-8 AM.  I will smoke it with mesquite for about 6 hours.

I saw these two RV’s today.  This first one the guy has been coming here for years about this time.  He pretty much stays to himself.  His RV is decked out.

Then there’s this one.  Orange…. what can I say?  Carol says, “NO”.
See ya…