Sunday, December 13, 2015

RV Troubles-Nope, Blog Troubles Yep

Don't know what happened to Saturday.... This blog is for SUNDAY
Glad I got a haircut.  It was 7:30 AM and the wind was really kicking up and the trees were swaying a lot.  Very light rain.  I decided to go into the mobile then over to the little RV since we are leaving today for a short trip.  I have a Dr’s appointment tomorrow so we figure we will spend a few nights in a nearby park.  The park is about a 60-mile drive so we are in no hurry what so ever.  Well, I left the mobile and got over to the little RV and the clouds opened up.  The kitty didn’t care.  She was watching TV.

Picture did not work....

 I stayed an extra 10 minutes in the little RV and then made a mad dash back to the big RV.  Glad I had short hair because I didn’t have to deal with that long hair in this mess.  I looked at the local radar and wow.  We are going to get hammered with heavy rain for at least an hour then just thunderstorms after that I guess for another couple of hours.  If it lets up sometime in the near future I will move the little RV around to the front driveway so we can put some food in it.  I got to hook up the car too.  Oh get this.  It was 71 degrees at 7 AM.  At 8 AM it was 55 degrees. 

We left at 9:45 AM and it rained all of the 60 miles to the TTN Conroe Park.  We checked in (picture did not transfer) and setting up.  Had to go up on the passenger side so I got out my handy dandy orange building blocks and set them up. No problem.  (picture did not work)  Hooked the 30 AMP and decided it was enough in the rain.  TV reception sucks.  We had our hot lunch and turned on the computers and Carol’s Kindall.  All’s well for the time being.

The little RV drove well in the rain and we all back roads.  The back roads had rolling hills but the road was smooth.  I cruised about 55-65 MPH.  The speed limit was 75 MPH most of the way.  No thanks.  The cat (cried) screamed most of the way

I need a rain suit and boots.  My motorcycle rain suit is way too bulky.  I will also make some leveling blocks like maybe 2X10s with enough width to get under the duals like probably 15” long.  I don’t get pressure treated because they are double/triple the price and I usually brake them in about a year or two.  I get the non-treated because they are a lot lighter and a lot cheaper.  They usually last a year or so then I just burn them.

I also need a rag for the electrical cord to wipe off before it goes into the little tiny box that I have to cram in a tiny square hole.  Pretty typical for class C’s.  The rag will stay in the tiny hole to prevent road “stuff” getting in since it has a flimsy door. (picture did not transfer)

I’m in the market for a Direct TV dish.  I shot my last one up, really, since it didn’t work with my fancy receiver in the big RV.  We got another receiver that will work with one now.  We need it for the little RV.  So, if you got one handy, let me know.

This blog (Microsoft Live Writer) is still in not working due to them and not me as I have found out.

Carol tried making chocolate in MY little Keurig type machine that I just bought at the Yust's garage sale for two bucks.  She burnt it up with smoke and all.  She didn't insert the water container in all the way and the heating element burnt the plastic side of the machine.  The Yust's hardly used it if they used at all. Oh I will have to get a real Keurig for the little RV.  Probably not.

We get two TV channels.  One is CBS and the other is an unknown.  So we  watched a little TV and a movie. 

Hopefully tomorrow’s weather will be better which it’s supposed to be.

See ya……