Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve In A RV

Not a mouse was heard thank goodness.  Mice are big problems whether your RV is in storage or your on the road.  We had a mouse one time.  At that time we had two cats.  Once the mouse was aboard the cats would just set in front of the cabinets waiting.  The mouse left.

I was told I should unhook my house batteries in the little RV since we will be gone for three months.  OK…done deal.  Covered the windshield and door windows.  It’s now in storage and ready for the winter.

Looking at the handy dandy weather for our over night stays in Baird & Van Horn, TX will be an adventure.  Cold, rain, and snow if we leave a day early.  When it starts to snow and we are on the road we will stop at the nearest exit and honker down.  RV’s are not made to be in or drive in snow or ice.  Been there, done that and that’s a little too much excitement for us nowadays.  We’ve pushed the envelope edge in years past but now we just get inside the envelope and let others worry about the edge.  

We were thinking real hard about leaving this Saturday but the weather is calling for SNOW in Van Horn Sunday which meant we would have been there during it.  I guess we will leave Sunday like originally planned unless the weather changes there.  Monday night looks good in Van Horn and it will be in the friggin TEENS.  We will have to brake out the portable LP heater even though hooked up to elect.  We have a little portable electric heater but it’s not good in the teens for the whole RV.  The LP and the heater will be.

Oh, what to do especially when you are ready to leave.  There might not be a blog during the Christmas time so Merry Christmas now.

See ya…………