Wednesday, February 22, 2017

There To Here

Well, it’s been awhile since I posted so here are some pictures at least from there to here.DSC_0054DSC_0060DSC_0062

Ate a good lunch here.DSC_0075

Here comes Mark to his rig.DSC_0079

Here but for the Pyro Winterblast in Lake Havasu.DSC_0093

Boone docking again and a nice site.  Out standing fireworks.DSC_0100

Carol and I had some friends over for breakfast near the end of the week long rally.DSC_0101DSC_0103DSC_0107DSC_0108DSC_0109DSC_0111DSC_0113

At least somebody is aware that there are asses out here.DSC_0118DSC_0116

The rest of the pictures are all taken from from our site.  DSC_0129DSC_0131DSC_0132DSC_0133DSC_0136DSC_0137DSC_0140DSC_0002-001

Tomorrow we head for Las Vegas.

Retirement is more time to do less and enjoy more.

See ya when we see ya…….

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Dinner Out Like Outside

Just another day of doing not too much.  Carol went line dancing of course.  I did some trip rearranging on the computer.  Just not much of anything.

We got invited to go over to George and his wife’s place for an outside dinner.  George grilled us (Mark, Ed/Sandy, Carol and me) some fat big steaks that will be hard to beat in the future.  Big, juicy, and cooked just right.  Ahhh boy…….. thanks George……DSCN1583

Yes the weather was that nice and especially no wind.

It’s nice to have an almost uneventful day.  I had to deal with my Mom’s retirement facility.  They took money out of her account for their unauthorized rehab that was not authorized by anybody.  They neglected to call Blue Cross to get authorization beyond 10 days.  They had written instructions by me that it was not to be paid out of her account.  They took it out and paid themselves.  It ain’t right.  Anybody know who I should contact?

Anyway, it was a quiet day in the neighborhood.

Retirement – another word for getting older.

See ya when we see ya………

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

What No TV

Trying to get caught up on things over looked the past week during Boot Camp.

Our front Samsung 40 inch TV appears to have gone up.  The red power light on the TV comes on but that’s it.  Since it happened while setting still we assume it’s the TV gone bad.  I pushed, pulled and switched cables with the same results – none.  I checked to see if it’s covered under our extended warranty and it says it is.  Now to get it to a dealer and all that stuff.  That’s the hard part.  Maybe we will wait tell we get to Livingston and deal with a local repair shop there.

Yes,we have two other TV’s.  Another one in the living room (40 inch) and one in the bedroom (32 inch) so we will be fine.

I continued to push buttons and the front TV came alive.  It’s alive, it’s alive.  Yes, scratch that off my list.

What do you do with 5 1/2 dozen eggs left over from Boot Camp.  Well I learned how to make deviled eggs.  Never made the before.  I had already boiled these eggs the other day.  Boy is that anther story another day.  Anyhow, I peeled about a dozen or so eggs, no problem.  then I made the center devil part.  No problem.  Pretty easy as a matter of fact.  Then I see George and Mark walking by.  Ah ha,  Guinea Pigs.  There went a half dozen.

Later we went over Ed & Sandys to get rid of more eggs.  I mean to visit.  Got rid of more those things.  Mark & Jim were already there and then Jim left.  I guess we were having too much fun and scared Jim off.  We played that game (like Sorry) called Fast something maybe Fast Track?  We had a blast the entire evening.

I think we stayed until about 10:30 PM or so, not sure.  Time goes so fast when we have fun.

Retirement is paying more bills with less money.

See ya when we see ya…

Monday, February 6, 2017

Another RV Boot Camp Is Over


The Escapees Boot Camp went from 3-5 Feb and it was sold out as usual.  I and others prepared and cooked about 270 hot meals total.  I was the kitchen supervisor with a lot of damn good assistants, about 12 or so.  Wow, what a lot of time and effort went into the kitchen part of this event.  A REAL Thank You to all the assistants in the kitchen.

This is Mark the Boot Camp Director.  What a great job he has done over the years.  This was his next to last Boot Camp.  He is retiring.  Jim and Lisa will be trying to fill his boots.  His last Boot Camp will be at the Escapade.  Sign up for it now!DSCN1577

Here is Sue in her getty up and go van.  She was a new instructor.  She did an outstanding job and will fit in well with the highly qualified instructors.DSCN1572DSCN1578

Here is Steve who was part of the very qualified driving team. DSCN1573

And that ends the Boot Camp here at Congress, AZ.DSCN1579

Retirement is trying to find out what retirement really is.

See ya when we see ya…….

Dennis & Carol

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Water Waldo?

Well, again I don’t remember doing a whole bunch.  I did take out one of our water filters.  Our water in the rig was getting slower.  In Quartzsite it was OK having slow water but not here where we have hook ups.  I got 4 outside (1 stock in compartment) filters so it was just a matter of seeing which one was getting clogged up.  I removed the one filter in the water/dump compartment.  Why do they put a water filter in the dump compartment?  It just don’t seem right.  Anyhow, it turned out to be the one really slowing down our water flow.  I didn’t have a replacement like I normally do but with the other aftermarket filters, one isn’t gonna be missed.  We now have pretty good running water inside the rig.

Carol did her line dancing again today.

I then decided to check the Onan generator since I used it a lot in the desert.  I put a quart of oil in it and about a pint of water in it.  I need to change the oil & filters  before a lot of usage again.

About 4 Pm a few of us went over Jim & Lisa’s for Cuban rum.  Plus Mark & I wanted to try out a cigar they brought back from their Cuba trip.  The rum was good but not spiced.  I like spiced rum a lot.  The cigars were OK but were not to our taste. 

Then it happened.  Waldo wanted to join in.DSCN1561DSCN1563DSCN1564DSCN1565

Butt, he enjoyed where ever he went..DSCN1566

Somebody was enjoying Waldo a lot?! OR was it the rum?DSCN1567

Lisa said No No…..DSCN1569

That’s a lot better….DSCN1570

All ended well.

Retirement is never having to say yes to your boss again.

See ya when we see ya…..

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Carol wanted to go to Denny’s Restaurant to get her free birthday breakfast.  Well, it’s not a free breakfast anymore.  Here at this Denny’s they do a $7.29 credit.  We had a small heard;  Ed & Sandy Kruty, Denny & Susie Orr, Jim & Lisa Koca and Mark of course.  Wow, we’ve been coming to North Ranch, Congress for a long long time during Carol’s birthdays.  She’s had a lot of them here too.  Oppps, there goes some more brownie points.

After the birthday breakfast, Mark, George and myself went into Phoenix to buy food for this weekend’s Boot Camp.  Over a $1,000 later we returned to North Ranch.  We had filled to pickups full of food.  We will be cooking two breakfasts and one dinner for about 90 meals each.  They won’t be box lunches that’s for sure.

For dinner we all (Ed/Sandy and Denny/Susie and Carol and myself ) went to Tasty Freeze for pizza.  We used Carol’s birthday as an excuse to go there.  They got pretty good pizza there for sure.  We’ve been going there for years.  Plus we got to ride in Denny’s party wagon.  It’s an old VW bus in great shape.

After all of today’s doings it was time to call it a day.  At 7:30 PM I went to bed.  I was all tuckered out somehow from all of the excitement of Carol’s birthday.

Retirement is getting tired from doing less work.

See ya when we see ya……

And The Fun Continues

Here we are behind Ed & Sandy’s.  Love it.  I wonder if they deliver meals.DSCN1545

Carol’s off to Line Dancing and I am….?  I know I did something I just can’t remember what.  Oh well.

Here’s the kitty watching a rabbit.DSCN1549

Then there’s lunch.  They only way I like and can eat Span is to burn it.DSCN1547DSCN1548

Later Mark pulled into the campground as did Jim & Lisa.  A last minute decision was we all to include Ed and Sandy went to dinner.  It was only 4:30 but I needed something to wash down the Spam.  What the hell.

Here’s where we went.DSCN1550

Pretty good place and we all been here before.  The girls were all drinking Blue Margaritas.  The guys new better.  It was good.  Mark and I got to work on figuring what we needed to get food wise for this weekends Escapees Boot Camp.  We fix them a real good breakfast to start the days right. 

When we left the Ranchero (with authentic Mexican Food) it was still daylight.

Back at the ranch we all went our ways.  Carol & I, Ed and Sandy played Fast Track again  We whooped the girls 2 out of 3 games.  we left them win one and just barely.

Another quiet night except laughing at the game.  Seems like I have a hard time remembering the rules.

Retirement is going out to dinner during the week – often.

See ya when we see ya.

Sunday, January 29, 2017


One thing for sure is that our internet is a lot faster here.  I guess at the Quartzite North desert people stayed inside due to the weather and thus were on the internet and was therefor slow. 

We went grocery shopping this morning.  We needed more food.  More than bread and milk like at Quartzsite.  We were like kids in a candy store.  We did our best just to get sale items.  Plus we are slowly downsizing our freezer and enlarging our guts in doing so.  We want the freezer just about empty for our return to Texas.  Remember we are switching to our 25 foot camper, no room!

I washed the car at the self car wash.  I got all the dust off so it don’t look as bad.  I need to wipe it down real good but that will be another day.

The day was a lazy day not doing much of anything.  Denny & Susie came over for a short while.  I straighten up the large compartment underneath.  It was nice to be outside in the sun and not windy and cold.

Carol cooked a roast in the slow cooker and we took it over to Ed & Sandy’s for dinner.  It turned out real nice.  Then afterwards we played Fast Track again.  At least that’s what I think it’s called.  The girls whooped up on this time.  I think us guys had to let them win or they wouldn’t play anymore.  At least that’s the best excuse we could come up with.

Retirement is at times trying to keep busy and out of trouble but not always succeeding.

See ya when we see ya….

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Line Dancing Dates OPPPPPS!

Change number umpty up.  Get this.  Carol had the wrong dates for her Line Dancing Rally in Menifee, Ca in March.  Hey, she was only off by one week and it was later.  The same week of the Escapade in Tucson 19-23 March.  Well, no need to say which one we (Carol!) are going to.  Priorities, priorities!

What this means now is that we won’t be coming back to California after we go back to Texas to pick up the camper like planned.  Now after getting the camper we will head Northwest up to Great Falls, MT and go into Canada via Sweetgrass.  We are still aiming for Prince Rupert and the ferry but going up via Canada’s National Parks Banff and Casper if their open (snow?).  We got a free pass for the park’s entrances.  It will probably be more of a window tour going thru the pretty parks. 

We’re not speeding up to the ferry and we’re not on the slow lookey lou drive.  We got about 3 weeks or so to cover 3100 road miles.  We’re thinking about getting on the ferry the first week in May.  Our next goal is to get to Skagway (Dyea NF) about Memorial Day (29 May) for the train ride on the 30th.  It’s just a thing to aim for kinda.  It’s not a do or die thing nor is any of this Alaska trip.  We should be on & off the ferries for just about all of May.  Normally it’s about a 3 day trip or so.  We will be making all the normal ferry stops and adding some that are a little out of the norm like Prince of Wales Island and Mitkoff Island.  More as time gets near.

Meanwhile back here in Quartzsite.  It was cold again last night.  It got down to 33 degrees out and 47 inside. I slept in till 5:30 AM this morning.  Damn this tile floor is cold.  But we love it anyhow because how easy it is to clean.

We left our spot about 9:30 and went into Quartzsite to get LP.  We stopped at four corners and paid $2.10 a gallon plus tax which is over 10%,  On the road again by 10 AM.

The 100 mile trip was a little windy but not as bad as it was yesterday.  It was an uneventful trip.  Yea….  We arrived at North Ranch Ed & Sandy’s place.  Ahhhhhhhhh full hook up.  That was so nice after two weeks on the edge of misery due to the unusual weather at Quartzsite.  Like I said before, it was the continued worse weather we had been in during the 17 years we went there.  No thanks.  We’re done.  No plans to do it again in the next 17 years.

Ed & Sandy had us over for dinner.  The brats were great.  We played a game called ??????? I forget.  It was a lot of fun.  The girls kept crying.  It must be because Ed and I are the grand champs.

Quite warm night.  It only got down to the low 50’s.

Don D – see your butt in Parker!

Retirement is not having to work for a dumb boss.


See ya when we see ya.

Friday, January 27, 2017

One More Time–The Last Time?

Ed and Sandy and Carol and I went to BadDSC_0035 Boys for breakfast one more time.  The breakfast was great blah blah blah….. When we returned back to the rigs it was time to leave.  Ed & Sandy left first then Bob & Tammi.  Bob & Tammi we will see again at North Ranch in about a week.  They’re going to Phoenix to see some friends.  Ed & Sandy are going home to North Ranch.  We will meet up with them later today and stay on their lot.

Well, around lunch time I called Ed & Sandy.  They were almost home.  They said the wind was really bad.  The wind picked up real bad here at Quartzsite by now too.  The weather is calling for bad wind all day so we decided not to leave today.  I had to pile our chairs, table, fire pit and LP tank in a pile.  I couldn’t keep the compartment doors open long enough to put stuff away.  It was windy all day and just barely got into the 50s.

We don’t have to move so we didn’t and we stayed put.  It did get a little lonely out here by ourselves.  The wind whistling and the slide tops flapping kept us awake.DSC_0001

Tomorrow (Sat) it’s calling for not as much wind so we will finish packing up and head for North Ranch.

Retirement is having the ability not to do anything you don’t want to do unless the spouse says too.

See ya when we see ya…..