Tuesday, March 20, 2018

What Snow Storm

Well, we have moved around Virginia to keep our son’s appointments.  We were in normal sites along with the usual campers that are still learning to spell RV.  What do I mean?  Look at this sat dish.  It’s almost on our picnic table IN our site.DSC_0004 Lucky for the camper he was just setting up his sat dish when I saw him.  I went outside and asked him if he could set up his dish in their own site.  Of course he got an attitude.  I couldn’t believe he asked me why?  I told him one it was in our site and two it was within a foot of our table.  He grunted and moved it about 15  minutes later in his own site.  Not considerate of others for sure.  That was AP Hill and we have since moved.

We are getting ready to move out of our site at a Coast to Coast (C2C) park after a week.  It’s called The Wilderness.  It’s located just out of Fredericksburg, VA.DSC_0007

Here’s a problem with our dump tanks and having a board holding them up not seen.DSC_0010

We had only 30 AMP but with a splitter we had two 30 plugs with the splitter.  The low 30 degrees at night didn’t bother us at all.  We had to use electrical heaters because our ceiling heat pumps wouldn’t work in low temps at night.DSC_0011

We leave Fredericksburg VA in a couple of hours and head North.  130 miles North is a C2C park called Gettysburg Battleground.  It too has only 30 amp electrical and that’s something we will deal with when we get there later day.  The problem is it’s raining hard now and its suppose to change to snow and get 6-8 inches of snow, later today not now.   Well, we will go until the road freezes and deal with it then.  This is probably the last BIG snow storm for this area.  It’s SPRING!

Retirement is having more time to figure things out.

See you when we see you.

Friday, March 16, 2018

In Virginia

Well, we’ve been trying to float around within Virginia in our RV to take Kraig (our son) to his medical appointments since January.  So far we’ve been close enough.  Sometimes we might have to drive the Jeep maybe 120miles (total) to make an appointment.  Then the next day drive about 60 miles.  Then that’s it for two weeks or so.  So far in April he’s got two appointments in Fredericksburg and two appointments in Richmond.  He already has two appointments in May.  So far we got it under control for him.

Kraig calls himself retired since he’s not working for someone and feels old.  He’s learned how to read food labels.  Now he just needs to follow his very low sodium low sat fat diet.  Probably like we all need to do.  He stays with us for a few days then wants to go back to his place.  No problem – just miles.

Our RV is doing fair in the mainly low 30 degrees at night.  Still haven’t been able to wash the motorhome since December.  Yes, it’s dirty.

I got a metal strap broke that's around our gray/black water tanks.  It’s OK for now but I must temporary fix it which I can do.  Then permantely fix it much later on.

This morning our outside temp gauge said 27 degrees…………..

Retirement doesn’t have a definite schedule.

See ya when we see ya………

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Federal Social Services & Local McDonalds Are Terrible!

Where here at AP Hill Army Base campground (?) in Va where it’s cold and windy.  I assume it’s worse in other places for sure.

Our son Kraig is staying with us in our RV while he is going through life threating medical problems.  We have never been through the social services areas before. 

Well, this is how it is……… It’s a long drawn out process (time) for sure no matter how much the person really really needs help with life.  Partially because of the PAPERWORK and gathering of it that is required.  No speeding up the process no matter how much a person really needs help.  No triage in the paperwork process what's so ever!  Sad. 

Hey, they say the VA department is a long process.  Try the regular social services process.  It’s a longer process.  I thought they said way back that computers would speed up things.  WRONG!

Yes, I'm disappointed in the process of helping needy people.  It’s the ones that take advantage of the system that slows it down for those that really need it.

It’s hard at times to write about RVing when you have to deal with the federal/state/local people. Their hands are tied by many unnecessary regulations to prevent fraud from a few that slow down the overall process for the many.  Sad.

While on the soap box, McDonald’s:  Kraig  has about 15 years working at one McDonald’s as a regular worker full time.  True Kraig is a little different but McDonalds has NO medical plan what’s so ever for him, no retirement for him and not even a paid vacation plan.  $11 bucks an hour.  SAD that a big company can and does that.  Yea, yea a franchise and all those excuses they use.  They didn’t even visit him in the hospital (total over two weeks).  I hope  the private owners and all the share holders are enjoying their money from not giving ANY benefits to a long term faithful employee.  Really sad!

Well, this is how I feel and that’s the number of that…….

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Move it Move it!

We' moved to Va from Baltimore via route 301 south.  It’s the back way so we wouldn’t have to use Interstate 95DSC_0019DSC_0001DSC_0008DSC_0009

Hunted for a site in this sloppy hook up at this military campground at AP Hill and managed to find this one.  We don’t care about the night light pole.  It ended up being a FHU with 50 amp.  Not too shabby….DSC_0020DSC_0021

Need I add to this picture below…. The top numbers are outside sensors under the rig.  The bottom number is for inside.  Yes, we actually ran the ACs.  These are the same sensors that were reading in the 20s last week in Baltimore.  DSC_0022

We are about 45 miles away from Kraig’s hospital.  Kraig is still in the Richmond hospital and is doing better than he was.  He has a very long road ahead of him and we will support him 100 per cent of course. 

Retirement is helping those in need.

See you when we see ya……

Saturday, February 17, 2018



Retirement is enjoying the weather.

See ya when we see ya

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Hurry Up and Wait

Kraig was readmitted to the hospital today for his heart condition.

He was released on 1 Feb with a 30 day supply of meds.  We were trying to get him in the Moss Clinic in Fredericksburg, VA.  That appears to be about 4-6 weeks from start to his follow up/care with a doctor.  Tooooooo long.  He had a previous scheduled follow up in Richmond with a doctor if he couldn’t get into Moss.  Well, he had a friend take him to Richmond for his follow up with a heart doctor which was two weeks after his initial release.  Kraig appears to be OK but he really isn't.  The doctor readmitted Kraig to the hospital because he wasn’t doing as well as expected.   We spoke in length to his care taker while in the hospital.  The hospital is going to run more tests tonight and again tomorrow.  Plus, they are going to schedule a social worker to see him for applying for disability. Hmmmm. 

We are ready to go back to Richmond in a moments notice.  We’re following the hospital’s recommendation for us while in Baltimore and will go to Richmond when they say, maybe sooner.  We are in constant contact with Kraig (his cell) and the hospital.  Right now, everything is up in the air.

It’s suppose to snow 2 inches Saturday here in Baltimore/Richmond.  That will be interesting.  We can and will drive in anything if need to be.  When – that’s the hard question.

Retirement can be in difficult.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Same Ole Same Ole

We’re still  near Baltimore at Carol’s brother place next to the garage in the RV.  We’ve been running the roof heat pumps when the nights have been above 30" degrees or so.  Not a whole bunch.  Tonight it’s suppose to get below 30 degrees so I will do a change over to electric heaters in the middle of the night probably.

Seems like nothing has changed a whole bunch up here  at Carol’s brother’s place.  It’s just cold and raining a lot.

Kraig has an appointment this Wednesday.  It’s results will give us an idea when we will be heading out of here and down to Fredericksburg, Va.  We will probably go down near Fort A. P. Hill.  They have a campground that will do for us for awhile.

Since not a whole bunch is happening here I don’t do a blog everyday but I will tell you that it’s been raining a lot and cold.  Also, we’ve been eating but no pictures and very little details.  We had Texas smoked pulled pork and it was damn good.

We had some friends that are flying up to Fairbanks, Alaska to see the Blue Lights in the sky early this week.  We were invited months ago but no thanks.  We just have too much going on and don’t need that expense for sure.  Maybe they will send me some pictures I can use.

Retirement is happening one way or another.

See ya when we see ya……

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Now Up Near Baltimore

We left Fredericksburg, VA and went up to see Carol’s brothers, David & Steven.  She might even see her third brother Eric.

Kraig is doing OK.  Now if we can get him to answer his phone a little bit better.  He has his interview next week again with the free clinic interviewer.  He got the needed two documents within an hour but they won’t see him for another week.  BUT they take walk ins! They really have piss poor coordination between themselves (offices).  Yes, I’m an expert and can fix their problems if in charge.  In the past, I have been sought out to do certain organizing by people in the know.  I sound like Trump don’t I?  Oh well……..

Diesel is about $2.85 to $3 a gallon in the neighbor hood.  Gas is about $2.35.

We left our American Geese and headed for Baltimore.  When the geese left the area they left poo all over the place.  It looks like it was invaded by a bunch of careless dog owners, poo everywhere.DSC_0002

Before we left we had ICE on our slide out tops.  A little work and everything was fine.

At Carol’s brother’s place, (Steven), we took our usual place…DSC_0004

Later David came over and we already had Steven so we cooked dinner for all.  Nothing like Alaskan halibut and rice.  We just so happened to still have some halibut from Alaska.  It was good.DSC_0006

We talked a lot about “stuff.”

It’s about 4:30 AM and it’s 24 degrees outside and 62 degrees inside.  It’s friggin cold…..

Retirement means not having to go out into the cold early to go to work.

See ya when we see ya…….

Monday, February 5, 2018

AP Hill

Carol and I ended up driving down south 25 miles to Fort AP Hill’s military campground.  Opps no pictures.  We’re gonna go up to Md Thursday and plan to come right back down here.  We want to make sure Kraig is in his routine again.

AP Hill isn’t too  bad.  Old paved sites are a nice start.  They have about 20 sites or so.  Most are 30 amp hookups a site or two way.  They’re water is the same way.  Dumps are somewhere around some of the sights.  No splitters allowed.   Must have seen me coming.  They have a laundry house too.  The cost is $13 which makes everything else kinda OK.  The place looks OK for our return trip maybe later next week.

Retirement at times is awful busy for not working.

See ya when we see ya…..

Sunday, February 4, 2018


I watched the game.  Then “This Is Us” and of course Jimmy Fallon afterwards.

My opinion… two good offense teams with neither one having a defense to match.  Look at the score and that will tell you that.

I think our outside temp gauge froze.  It hasn’t moved off 31 degrees and it’s under the rig.  I guess I will use the old gauge – me.  Yep, it’s damn cold outside and rained all day.  That’s your weather.

Of course mention food.  What’s a blog without food.  With that in mind, I will say we ate food.

Just kinda waiting for the eye exam Tues and the clinic the same day that are all for Kraig. 

We might know how we can help Kraig come Tuesday.

Retirement – making appointments without worrying about work.

See ya when we see ya….