Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Worse Food Ever EVER

Carol went to her line dancing again this morning.  When she came back, we (Carol, Mark & me) decided to go into town for lunch.  We went to a place we’ve been going to for years.  It’s a little trailer that sets at the edge of the Quartzsite General Store parking lot on the main drag east.  Here’s a picture… or two..DSC_0008DSC_0009

Mark, Carol & myself agreed it was the worse food by far we could ever remember having anywhere anytime!  The new owner came out and asked how it was.  WE TOLD HIM THE TRUTH.   AND IT WAS WAY WAY OVER PRICED!!!!!!!  PLUS NO DRINKS!!!!! TERRIBLE  TERRIBLE……scratch, delete, forget this place for us.

Later in the day Brenda & Dave Neil came over for a visit.  We had some good laughs.  Ed & Sandy (on left) were out also.DSC_0001

Later that evening we had about a dozen or so people at the two OFFs (old fart fire).

Another quiet night in the neighborhood.

Retirement is not regretting having it.

See ya when we see ya……

Monday, January 16, 2017

Rolling In

We started off the morning with Ed/Sandy and Mark bringing over breakfast goodies.  We all had a real nice breakfast.

Later Mark & I took Carol to a Line Dancing session in town that was on her To Do List.  Mark & I went shopping to get some supplies for the All Escapees Social come Wednesday.  The market areas are just starting to get crowded and more and more vendors are setting up.  This weekend kicks off the Big RV Tent and a lot of people are coming in now.

The Escapee Chapter rallies are really getting into full motion with their gatherings and all.

For dinner we went over to Bud & Cathie Carr.  Mark rode along with us.   It’s a little too nippy for his motorcycle.  They’re over with the Escapeers near Dome Rock doing a lot of baby setting for Travis & Melanie.  We sat out for awhile then it just got to windy/cold so we went inside thier new RV.  Boy, was it nice and not really glitzy.  Later Travis & Melanie came over.  We got to talk to them a whole bunch about the Escapeers that were there.  About 40-50 rigs.  They are a high tech younger group.  It appears that most are in their 40-50 age range and most are still working using the internet.  Seems like a good group of young RVers that are growing in numbers and will be around for sometime.  We had some great laughs for sure along the way.  Bud & Cathie wanted to talk about Alaska and go over some maps which we did.  Glad we got to have dinner with them. It was a lot of fun.

I didn’t realize it till we got back but I was driving with my sun glasses on.  I drove with my car high beams on when I could.  I had my regular glasses with me.  Good thing ?

Retirement is sometimes doing a lot for others.

See ya when we see ya……………

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sun & No Wind Ohhh Rahhhhh

The sun was out 100%, no wind, it was gonna be a nice day.  A balloon was going up a few hundred yards away plus later on a parasail came over.  No pictures of that I was too lazy to get the camera.

But anyhow….DSC_0001DSC_0002

Denny & Susie came over for a morning chat.  It was really nice that sun hitting us.DSC_0003

Mark & I finished putting the All Escapees Happy Hour signs (black buckets) on Polomosa Rd during the morning hours.

About 1 PM Ed/Sandy, Mark, Carol & I decided to go to Silly Al’s for pizza and beer.  It was crowded.  One parking space empty and I got it.  We had Silly Al’s big ass combo pizza.  It fed all five of us.  So did the 2 pitchers of beer.  Their pizza is among the best and we all agreed on that.  Maybe the beer clouded are judgment.  Nahhhhh.

We went back to our site to enjoy more sun and no wind.

We got two more rigs in our area that came for the social hour on Wednesday.  Early arrivals are very welcomed.  Park wherever.  Sorry, I’m not good with names but they are long time SKPs.

Come evening we were setting out with the cool temps and no wind.  We broke out two OFFs (old fart fire) fire pits.  We had a three couples come over from the Chapter 32 rally.  They said that Chapter 32 had no fires and no one was out.  They decided to come over here and join the fun.  AND WE DID.  Mark broke out his Mead (alcohol – home brew) and the fun continued.  I think we came in around 9 PM or so.  Not sure.

Tomorrow we are having an outside breakfast at 8:30 AM.  This will be interesting.

Retirement is enjoying down time on a continued basis.

See ya when we see ya…..

Saturday, January 14, 2017

PMS Girls On Watch & OFF

I forgot to mention that Mark Nemeth arrived yesterday.  He’s the retiring Gadget Guy + writer in the Escapee Magazine.  He brought us supplies to put up some portable signs on Plomosa road.  DSC_0010He brought 300 plates for the rally so bring some finger food when you come.  Please, no food trays for eating plates.  We will provide the plates.  This is snack time not gorge time!  We will provide the paper plates.  If the plates seem flimsy with your food on it….maybe you got too much food on it.  There’s your sign.  It’s snack time not all you can eat dinner time.  We will have the PMS girls watching you.  Oh no! PMS stands for Portion Management Servers.   They even got T-shirts so they must be important.

Since Mark is in charge of this event by default, I asked him about how he wanted to park rigs that arrive days early.  This is for the All Escapees Social Hour rig parking.   His reply was that this is the desert and they can park how ever and where ever they want.  OKkkkkkkkkay.  We do need the large area in the middle left open for people and room to enter and exit with rigs in tow.  Otherwise, go for it.  This in itself will be interesting and very entertaining.  You know common sense usually goes out the window.  Come stay with us now so we can watch YOU.  If you need assistance parking just ask for Ed Kruty.   He just loves helping people  park.  Plus Sandy makes real good lemon cookies too.  Maybe there will be some left by the time you arrive.

We are already having so much fun so come on out now with your rig and park with us.  You might get a sore stomach from laughing so much, just maybe.  We do have mirrors to look at yourself if it gets boring for you.  We have a couple of OFFs too.  Oh yea, OFF stands for Old Fart Fires.  You know those LP fire pits that don’t smoke, blow ashes or have to be maintained.  Thus Old Fart Fires.

Oh yea.  We (Carol, Mark & me) went downtown and there was a parade out by the fire department (starting point).  It was the town of Quartzsite celebrating it’s 150th birthday.  It was a nice little parade.  Parker’s high school marching band was in it.  It even had two live camels that symbolized the Hi Jolly era.  I got about 15 pictures in my phone but don’t know how to move them to my computer.  Maybe somebody can show me.

Early evening it rained here in the desert and the wind blew all day with temps in the 50s.  We still sat out.  Jim & Lina Works came over and sat out with us.  Yes, in the wind and cool (?) day.  They are temporary parked with the Boondockers in their nice little class C.  They have been to Alaska and are going again as Lossey Goosey members.

It was another great day as full timers.

Retirement is that you can work (honey list)right where you’re at and not worry about being under paid.

See ya when we see ya….

Friday, January 13, 2017

Getting Settled In

We did some moving around of the RVs so we could be seen better.

But first Carol & I went to Bad Boys for breakfast at 7:30 AM.  Carol had French Toast and couldn’t finish it all.  I had stuffed sausage biscuits with sausage gravy and an egg.  I couldn’t finish it all.  Plus two coffees.  The bill was like $12 bucks.

We get back to the RV and moved.  Later Ed & Sandy moved into their new spot.  Then we put the Escapees Happy Hour sign up.DSC_0001-001DSC_0010

We are ready for you all for this Wednesday’s Escapees Social Hour from 1-3 PM.  You can come now and park with us.  That’s us with Ed and Sandy’s rig in front of us.DSC_0007

Here’s Chapter 32 area for their upcoming rally.  They are just across from us.DSC_0003

This guy was riding a red/orange Honda 110 motorcycle just like the one we got.  The picture was taken pretty quick and the tree grew faster.DSC_0008

This guy is moving on down the road with his dog.  I wonder who liked it more.DSC_0001

Here are the start of the Elks Rally out there near us.DSC_0005

OK here are the instructions for the All Escapees Social Hour again.  At what use to be called four corners, downtown, north side of town at route 95 North,  take 95 North to Plomosa Road.  It’s very well marked.  It’s basically the second BLM camping area on the right as you go North on 95.   Turn right on Plomosa road and go about 2.999998 miles and you will see our Escapee Sign on the left.  Go 500 feet and turn left on to the dirt road, turn left again and you are there.  Park it.  Hey, come on out and play early.

Retirement is wondering if you can retire again.

See ya when we see ya.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

North To Alaska–Nope Not Yet

Being a blog I have to start it off with food to be in the swing of things.

Ed/Sandy and us piled into our shiny Mariner with a new windshield and headed for old Yuma for breakfast.  Yesterday I passed a place called Brownies and I said, Yep, that’s a restaurant with a lot of character.  That means old looking it.

It was a great breakfast and the atmosphere was really homey.

We got back to the rigs and finished up getting ready to head out on our 100 mile trip to Qsite and finish up with the RV repairs.

We left about 9 something.  Carol had the camera.DSC_0008DSC_0009DSC_0013DSC_0033DSC_0035DSC_0038DSC_0043DSC_0044

We arrived at RV Lifestyles for repairs.  We left in the car fur lunch, etc.DSC_0046

We drove out to Plomosa Rd and followed Denny/Susie and Ed/Sandy into the boone area.  Denny/Susie took the site to the right and we took the site to the left.  Both areas are easy to find and seen from the road.  Here’s Ed.DSC_0047

and here’s looking out our front window.  DSC_0048

Our exact parking sites will be determined tomorrow.  Earlier Bud & Cathie Carr came out to greet us all.  They're with the Escapers out at Pilot Knob.

We went to bed at dark and got up at early light.

Retirement is doing something for something.  Remembering what for is the question.

See ya when we see ya…….

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

$2.01 Gas & Diesel $2.45 Yuma

I was at the Safelite work place in downtown old Yuma at 7:45 AM.  They pulled me shortly after that and started work.  Two hours later all done.  Wow, does that look better than three very long cracks/runners and one old bodashish chip repair.  Yes, that’s my spelling.

Then I drove across the street to Fry’s.  This is the old downtown Yuma location and not the one next to I-8.  Gas was $2.01 and diesel was $2.45.  I filled that sucker up.  My next fill up of diesel will probably be in the area of Bullhead City.  Diesel is $2.35 at two stations right now.  Yes, I check the prices ahead of time to see if I might want to wait or get it at a cheaper price some where else.  It only takes a couple of minutes.  What the hell.  I’m usually taking on 60 to 80 gallons of fuel.  The difference could be over $20+ if I paid higher prices than the norm.

The day was busy for Carol doing the wash and cleaning the rig to get dirty in Qsite.  I would like to get hold of the vitamins she’s always on.

Our Get Ready list is done……Now what?  Make another list?

Retirement – weekends are now workdays too.

See ya when we see ya…..

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Wash This….

Today was wash day.  The RV that is.  $100 to wash the RV top to bottom and then hand wax.  $10 to wash the car.  Then I usually tip them $15.  Try and beat that.  That’s Ed and Sandy next to us.DSC_0001

Two guys arrived about 8:45 AM and it took them about 2 1/2 hours.  Then they jumped on Ed and Sandy’s rig.  Same price. DSC_0002

Afterwards Carol & I went to Wally World to pick up some groceries before we leave for Quartzsite tomorrow.  Damn we spent money at Walmart and didn’t even stay overnight there.

Sunsets are something else out here in the West.DSC_0004DSC_0005

We just about finished the “To Do List.”  I take the car into Yuma for a windshield tomorrow.  Carol finishes up with the wash and we are basically done.

Retirement is having more time to spend less money.

See ya when we see ya….

Monday, January 9, 2017

Algodones, Mexico

Carol & I were out the door at 8:45 and headed for Algodones, Mexico.  We parked just outside the border which costs $6.  Plenty of room.  We walked across the border and headed for my dentist.  He was closed with a sign said that said he would open at 10 AM.  Now what to do for an hour.  Well, being RVers food came pretty fast to mind.  So we walked around a few minutes and found a big sign for a restaurant up on a second story of a building.  We went for it.  We got up there to nice large area with tables and all that typical stereotype Mexico surroundings.  We were the second couple there and the only pale faces.  I asked the waiter and probably owner what should I have.  He pointed to a nice menu that had a whole bunch of meals that I had no idea what they were.  He pointed and I ordered.  Most of their breakfast dishes were $4, coffee and bottle Coke was .50 cents each.  I ordered the bacon and scrambled eggs, refried beans of course, toast and some type of green sauce.  The waiter said the sauce was about a 5  on a 1-10 scale.   I thought it was about a 1 or 2,  just no zing.  The meal was good and the price was right.  Carol just had a Coke.  We left leaving a $1 tip.

We walked around trying to kill time.  We got back to the dentist and he was open.  I told him about my bridge and he said no problem.  Sat me down.  He took the bridge and grinded on it.  That’s the same thing I was gonna do with my Dremel.  A couple of minutes later he was done and I was wearing them without pain.  No cost.  As a matter of fact, he never asked my name.  I guess he recognized his work. 

Walking around again we saw these two typical tourists that looked lost.  They probably look lost where ever they go.  OH, it’s Ed & Sandy.  they were down here buying drugs and food something or another.  We walked around together trying to buy all the vendors items for a dollar.  No deals.  We all went our ways – Loosey Goosey.

Getting out of Mexico was a piece of cake.  There was about a 5 minute line compared to hours from years past.  I almost forget my passport when we left the rig.  That would have been an advetnure.

We needed money.  We went to the bank and they had just a little that they could give us with no extra to hand out.  They’re tight.

Then we went to the Marine Corps Base Yuma.  A few new buildings since our last visit.  Very nice Exchange and VERY friggin expensive of their name brand products.  No Great Value items.  I got a Marine Corps Retired and some other decals to put on the camper.  They had a Verizon rep in the store we went into.  Yep, I went right over and asked if she could fix my phone.  She did a lot better than the last rep.  The phone is about 90% up to par.  There are plenty of experts to help me get back to normal what ever that was/is.

We got back to the rig and vegetated the day away or at least I did.  Ed & Sandy came over and we continued to vegetate the day away.

For dinner we had food.  I think it was left overs.  So much for a blog about food.  I met that requirement with breakfast.

Another quiet night.

Retirement is forgetting all what you did the day before.  Maybe even the same day.

See ya when we see ya….

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Got To Do A Daily List

I normally don’t do a list of things to do each day but I could really screw all this up without even trying.

Mon –   Go to the bank and get some money.  We’re almost out.  Let me know if you need any.  I will check with them and see if they have some extra. Email RV Lifestyles in Qsite and see if they got our awning arm in.  Also set up an appointment for Thursday afternoon on our return trip to Qsite.  They have to continued work on the AC also that didn’t work when they finished.

TuesRV wash guys will be here at our site and the Krutys in the morning.

Wed – Go to Yuma and get our car windshield replaced at a Safelite store.  Then Walmart to get “stuff”.  Fill the fresh water tank now because it’s so slow with all the filters I got on it.

Thur – Top off water and dump tanks and depart Yuma.  Maybe have an appointpoint with RV Lifestyles at 1 PM? to finish up the AC and install the awning arm.  Then go to “the spot” out Plomosa Rd.

Sometime we got to go to Mexico to get my denture corrected that was screwed up last year.

Having fun is not listed because it comes standard.

This blog I started late Sunday morning.  I ended up going back to the big vendor market with Ed Kruty.  I got Carol a whole bunch of the burn and sniff stuff, a paper mache cat and some other do dads.  Noting for me.  What’s up with that.

Then on the way back we stopped at a factory Verizon store.  The young lady started working on my phone saying see liked challenges.  She was twitting her thumbs and then said, “You really did mess this up.”  She couldn’t fix it.  She got a couple of things going and said that I did some things that aren’t suppose to happen.  Anyhow, it works better and didn’t cost a thing except some embarrassment.

Retirement is not having your boss add to your To Do list.

See ya when we see ya…………..