Friday, October 21, 2016

Luckenbach Antique Bike Rally


Retirement – I should have done it earlier…

See ya….

Thursday, October 20, 2016

And We’re Off

Mark met me at the scales to get a weigh of the bike trailer and the camper.

The trailer came in about 2,000 lbs which is well within the max of 3,000 lbs.  The camper came in under the gross vehicle max and under each axle weight max.  Bottom line… it’s fine.

We had 250 miles to go to Blanco State Park.  We stopped several times to check the tie downs on the motorcycles.  Then aback on the road.DSCN1364

Around lunch time we stopped at a little Mexican Restaurant to eat.  Not to bad but not as good as La Colonia in Livingston. 

Here’s where we parked.  Basically were ever we could which wasn’t that hard with these little campers.DSCN1365

Then back on the road.  I led at first so Mark could watch the motorcycles then later he led.  It was a nice drive of red and black line roads.  DSCN1366 

We arrived at Blanco State Park about 3 PM.  We had reservations due to Luckenbach being so close.  It was $21 a night for water and electric.  Plus $4  a person a day for entry fee.  It’s also called a rip for campers.  If you come in just to use the daytime areas it’s $4 a person.  Now if you camp it’s also $4 a person additional to the camping fee.  It’s been like this for years.  Oh well.

The park is real nice with sites that are not to long but wide.  I’m 40 feet with the trailer and had no problem.  

We cooked steak on the BBQ for dinner.  Later we brought out the portable campfire and had a few beers.

All is good.

Retirement is like have many jobs that you don’t set down at.

See ya………

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Love That Chicken!

Carol started today like all of her Mom-Fri mornings…..she went line dancing.  I got the big rig ready to roll, the mobile, the shed and the barn all locked up and ready for our departure.

I found some pictures from Sunday of a little flea market we went to.DSCN1353They even had donkeys and all those other real farm animals all over the place.DSCN1354

I didn’t see it but would have tried it.DSCN1355

Carol gets back from line dancing and we are just about to pull out when the steps wouldn’t cone in.  Dog on it.  Plus it’s humid out.  We paid to have this fixed last year and it broke a couple of months after that.  La Mesa Tucson did a real amateur repair as I later found out. Anyhow, I took the door thing apart, temporary repaired it like they did and we are on our way a 1/2 hour later.

We got to Thousand Trails Conroe and got right into a 50 AMP, FHU site with no problem.DSCN1357

Now it’s time for us to go back to Livingston and drop me off at the camper.  We saw this exhaust pipe.  Yep we’re in Texas where things are big.DSCN1361

Just before we get back to the lot we stopped at Popeye's for me to pick up my 8 piece spicy chicken to snack on.

We get back to the lot and Carol drops me off.   She leaves and heads back to the big RV in Conroe.  She will be attending a Line Dancing rally while there.  Who would have guessed.

Now I have three motorcycles loaded up and no car other than the camper hooked up to the trailer. 

I sat down to a meal of Popeye’s chicken all by myself in front of the TV.  I ate it all, yes I did and enjoyed every leg and thigh in the box.  It was so good.  That’s it probably until next year.DSCN1362 

Tomorrow Mark & I head out for Blanco State Park.  Then Friday we end up in Luckenbach for the antique motorcycle show.

Retirement is like eating fried chicken, it’s so good.

See ya…..

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Retired From Fulltiming

No not us.  Nick Russell and his wife Terry.  They are in the process of settlement on a 1600 sq ft house in Edgewater, Fl.  Nick said they weren’t having as much fun fulltiming anymore.  So they have gone on to their next adventure - settling in their non wheeled home.   He said they would still go out and RV probably during the hot months.

We haven’t found our perfect place yet but are always looking for it.  Keyword is OUR.  Carol likes it here in Livingston.  I’m just kinda OK with it.  We both have the itch to move after awhile.  If something happens to me, Carol will retire here in Livingston on our lot.  She can bury me in the front yard.

Oh, I was on my way at 6:30 AM to get my haircut.  This Livingston barbershop I go to opens at 7 AM.  I got their at 6:50 and I was second.  Ain’t that something.  My hair is very short (Marine like) and my beard I cut off too.  Trying to get rid of all that weight.

It was foggy as all get out this morning.  Why people don’t drive with their headlights on is something else.  It’s not so much the oncoming traffic but the traffic from the rear.  I can’t see them that good without their headlights on.  Oh well, nothing new.  At least I can identify who the carless people are if I can see them!

Afterwards I went to What A Burger for my Biscuit & Gravy ($1.98) plus my free senior coffee.

Today was get my stuff out of the big RV now known as Carol’s RV.  The little camper she proclaimed as mine.  His & hers RV… OK that’s cool.

Mark came over early  in the evening after work and he loaded up his antique BMW.  I had already loaded the Harley and the Honda up by myself.   Figured I better do it by myself now instead of later if I had too.  It wasn’t as hard as I thought.DSC_0003

One in front of the camper and two to be towed.  All antiques including the driver.DSC_0001We won’t pull out till Thursday but figured we would load them now rather than the last minute.

We get 16 GB of data per month on our Verizon plan.  Last night we had used 15.93 GB of data.  We were close.  Today starts a new month.  Most months we are about 6-10 GB. 

Tomorrow will be an active day.   I guess most days are active.  Let me try this again.  Tomorrow we will be rockin and rolling.

Retirement is like welfare.  Not working and getting paid minimum wage.

See ya……….

Monday, October 17, 2016

Hot, Hot & Humid

Well, at 7:30 AM I washing Carol’s car.  I have to wash it early because of the humidity.  We’re around the all time highs for this time of year and it feels like it.  The hippy dippy weathermen says “fall” will be here starting Thursday.  It’s suppose to be in the 70’s and low 80’s.  It’s now in the low 90’s with humidity which really makes it worse.  Blah, blah, blah..

I finished the car about 9 AM.  Damn, it is really a bright white.  Looking good.

Next was to continue to load the camper.  I’m not use to loading a RV for a short trip.  As a matter of fact, I haven’t done it in over 16 years.  If we take our stuff out of a RV and put it in another one that means we just bought one and are moving our stuff from one to the other.  That we haven’t done in 3 years.  We have kept our present RV for three years.  Records are being made and we have no intentions of getting rid of this one.  It’s not because we haven’t had troubles and it’s not needed repairs.  Were tired of all the BS we would have to do with a new one.  They all need repair due to poor quality and or poor workmanship.  Oh yea,  we’re out of money to do it with too.  That’s a bigee.

We went out to dinner with Charlie & Ruth Babcock.  They’re part of the Loosey Goosey 2014 that went to Alaska.  We talked mostly about Alaska then and in 2017.  They’re going again and we will meet them up there.  It was an enjoyable time.

Monday thru Friday is just like a weekend day when you are retired.  You don’t go to work but you work.

See ya……….

See ya…

Sunday, October 16, 2016

This & That On the Camper

It’s humid here in Livingston and suppose to be for a few more days.  It’s 5 AM and it’s 72 degrees outside.  Oh well, it is what it is.

I had some things I wanted to get done.  First and very simple was to wash one of our outside RV mats.  It hasn’t been done in ages.  DSC_0005

Next was to clean out the tanks and sewer lines in the camper.  Even though they were empty I still wanted to make sure everything was working.  Plus I filled up the fresh water tank.  It happens to be a 50 gallon.  That’s pretty big for a 25 foot Class C.  Love it….No problem here.DSC_0001

Next was to install the Rand McNally GPS system.  Not many places to put it but I like it where it ended up there in the left corner.DSC_0002

Next was to check the frig and see how it was doing.  84 degrees outside in the shade and 40 degrees inside the frig.  I checked both the LP and electric.DSC_0003

Next was to change antennas.   I had one up there that was over 10 years old and the fiberglass was starting to shed.  It was old.  This new one is the same brand and height.  It’s a Firestick.DSC_0004 

Next thing you know I was done with the little things and it was time for NASCAR.  bye bye..

Side bar…….. I sent out a letter to those few that want to be in the Loosey Goosey 2017 group to Alaska.  If you didn’t get it…. ooooops.  Let me know..

See ya…………..

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Get Ur Motors Running

Am I talking about our old bodies or old motorcycles.? 

Carol & I went to the Whistle Stop CafĂ© for breakfast.  It’s a little Ma Pa type restaurant in downtown Livingston.   It’s food is OK and the atmosphere is homey.  Hard to ruin eggs and taters.

We then went to Walmart to catch up on a few things.  Then to H.E.B. grocery store to get some sale items like pork ribs for $1.15 a lb.  Then back to the lot to figure out what we wanted to do if anything for the day.  It turned out a little of this and that.

Charlie Babcock stopped over in the afternoon.  He and his wife Ruth are on their way down south to the “Valley” (southern Texas) for the winter.  Come April they will start their trip to Alaska and be in the Loosey Goosey Group again.

For dinner we went over Sue & Jon Glick’s place behind us.  Mark was there also.  Sue presented Mark a REAL NICE quilt from the local Quilt Society.  It was to show their appreciation for his service to his country.  I got one last year.  We all talked about the fun trip to Alaska we had in 2014.  Of course we talked about our plans for the 2017 Loosey Goosey  trip also.

Afterwards Mark came over to our place to do a quick relocation of the heat sensor for the new frig safety device on the camper.  We installed it yesterday and it just wasn’t acting right.  It should be alright now.  Check it tomorrow.

Mark & I sat out on the porch and smoked a cigar, drank a beer and had a few laughs.  We want to get a GoPro movie project going for Loosey Goosey and the in-between places.  I got the GoPro and Mark has some experience with movie editing programs.

Retirement is fun if you let it be.

See ya…

Friday, October 14, 2016

RV Frig Safety Device

This morning started off with a leak under the sink.  I got to get in there and check it out.DSC_0003-001

It turns out all the way up top was a leak.  Both of my hands and tools had to get up there.  Not too bad but then I had to turn a wrench.  That was a problem but finally got it.  No leak for now.DSC_0002-001

Carol got her hair done and it looks so good.  Hey guys, brownie points…

Mark came over and we all went out to lunch.  A new place on route 190 west just west of Livingston just opened up.  It’s called The Pit Stop I think.  It was really good and it was a little pricey but worth it.  I had a Philly Cheese Steak.  Best I’ve had in years for sure.  We ALL will be back.

We got back to our lot with things to do.  Mark was gonna install running lights and I wanted to install a frig safety device on the camper.  Mark’s bike is here on our lot.   Mark had a hard time getting involved in his project.  Why?  Me.  I needed instructions like a third grader that failed twice.  He finally got me straighten out and he even got his project finished.  It looks cool with LED lights.DSC_0005-001

Then there’s my project.  It’s a device that shuts off the frig if it gets too hot from being unlevel or something is wrong and it’s over heating.  It checks the temp again in 15 minutes and if it is OK,  it will turn the frig back on.  I think it’s outstanding.  Mark has had one for over a year and recommends it.  He did an article on it in the Escapee mag but I don’t remember how long ago.  Coast was I think $135.  Web page is

It’s Friday night and it’s cigar and whiskey night.  It’s a special club that I got voted in and that’s all I can say.

Retirement was pretty active day for a do nothing day.  Glad I didn’t have to go to work.

See ya…………..

Thursday, October 13, 2016

What Time Is It Kids?

No it’s not Howdy Doody time.  That’s old folks talk for their own  real old kid’s show.

It’s La Colonia time.  Our weekly gathering of a few guys that eat at a little Mexican restaurant and solve the world problems.   It was the usual fun time.

Carol finished making curtains for the inside front of the camper (little RV).  Outstanding.DSC_0001DSC_0002

We used hook and eyelets to hang the curtains.  We want an easier/faster way to hang them.  We’re thinking Velcro of some type.  Normal Velcro with sticky backing won’t work.  It usually pulls off.  Anybody have some ideas for us?

The camper has three 12 volt sockets up front in the cab but none in the living area.  They all work off the chassis battery too.  So I went thru some old parts and came up with this hook up.  I hooked up a 12 volt socket to the house batteries.  Now we got 12 volt sockets for the house batteries.DSC_0004DSC_0005

The way I figure is that when boone docking we can use 12 volt accessories.  Plus the solar system will keep the house batteries charged.

Next I drove the camper to the local hardware store and filled up the LP tank.  I had a little below a 1/4 tank.  It took about 10 gallons to fill up.  The price was about $2.70 a gallon I think.DSC_0003 You can see where I installed the LP extended stay hardware.  It’s to the right where you can see the pink tape.  That device I will use for the BBQ and the camp fire ring.  Plus I have the option to hook up any LP tank for the hot water heater/stove/ & portable heater  that’s inside.  It’s nice to have options available.

When I got back to the park I saw Mark & Dortha’s rig in the campground.  I parked our camper in the site next to them instead of blocking the road.  Mark was there and Dortha was at work at Hq.  We talked and talked for about an half hour.  I gave Mark a quick tour of the camper.

I then went and picked up our mail.  I got a special safety part for our camper’s frig.  More info on another day.

Carol fixed some left overs while I did chicken on the BBQ and we mixed it all together.  It was good.

It was a Texas humid day.  Seems like Fall has left and Indian Summer is here.

Retirement… no such thing as having to go to work on a nice day anymore.

See ya……… 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Piddle Paddle

Seems I do a lot on do nothing days.

Dave Wilson gave me a solar panel to charge the chassis battery.DSC_0006  It’s the small portable type that you plug into your cigarette lighter.  He said it came from a VW that was made in Germany 10 years ago.  When VW use to ship their high end cars they would put these in them for the boat ride.  I gave it a test with a volt meter and it appears to work good.  I cleaned it up and it looks great.

Here’s the Wave 6 that is all ready.  DSC_0003DSC_0004Might take it to Quartzsite in the big RV and use it.

The Harley…. just not sure what to do….to the shop now or later.  It’s going to the Luckenbach antique show no matter what!  DSC_0001Later could even turn into a very long later like over a year.  Thanks to the guys that sent me some suggestions.  Could use some more thoughts.

The barn is starting to look like a bike shop.  Huh, I guess it is.DSC_0008

No lights to temp lights for now.DSC_0002DSC_0009Can you see me now!

Next was to reinstall my front tag because where the little Honda will be carried it would block it.  It looks low but isn’t.DSC_0013

I bolted that baby down good. DSC_0014

I saw this lizard that has the starting of two tail tips.  The close up got the shadow .


I started to load the little RV for Luckenbach.  Yes it’s about 8 days before I leave.  I’m excited just like any RVer getting ready to do something or someplace new.  This RV camping will be in a field without hook ups what so ever.  Cool…that’s basic camping in a RV.  I call it boone docking.  I really don’t think there will be many RV campers there.  Tents yes but in another field.  At least that’s what it appears to be on the internet.  

Retirement is like work without pay….