Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It’s 27 what?

I messed up the date on yesterday’s blog and it’s now corrected.  Now today is today and yesterday was yesterday – all over the world too………..

27 DEGREE’S.  This is not RVer’s weather. What's wrong with this picture…?DSC_0003 

Carol’s mom went back into the hospital again in Maryland yesterday with pneumonia.  Carol’s bro got back there after she went in.  Waiting mode for now………

We had a few inquires about our RV for sale in yesterdays blog.  Boy, am I surprised.  I’m trying to figure out what to do if our RV sells privately or don’t sell what to do if we still want to buy.  A 2006 Patriot Thunder with a tag axle, 525 HP cat, 4 slides, full tile,  has our name on it is setting in California at a dealer.

Here’s something I do that one or two of you might want to think about doing.  If the coach needs raising more on one side than the other I use blocks on the side needing the most raise.  The reasoning is that the jack(s) don’t have to go as far down and the springs aren’t stretched.  Thus, in a few years they will still pull the jack up with no problem because the springs haven’t been stretched a lot. I tie a string to the yellow pad and just pull them out by the string when ready to move.DSC_0005

“Then I can climb on the wood….”DSC_0007

See ya………..

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