Monday, December 6, 2010

Dr’s Are Part of RVing

Monday..I took Carol to the Dr’s in Conroe for her annual check ups.  This is something we do once a year when we come back to this area.  I had my turn in the barrel now it’s Carol turn.  It’s an hour & 15 minutes each way and her appointments were 11, 1 and 3.  It’s one of those days we chalk up of as a necessity but not what we want to do.  At least we can get ur done in a day just about.  She has one more trip the week of Christmas for one of “those” tests.

I picked up my scrips from my Dr’s office.  Two out of the 5 scrips they had made mistakes on.  That’s a little scary isn’t it? It took them 15 minutes to correct them.  Maybe I should charge them an office visit. No apologies either.  Just a “here you go” like I was a burden.  Then in one of Carol’s dr’s office I spoke out about her being there the required 15 minutes early, then waited one hour for her to be taken to the back where there are 6 patients rooms.  After setting a half hour there I went off.  It didn’t do a bit of good because it took another 15 minutes before she was seen by a PA and never did see the doc.  I was pissed.  No the doc did not have any emergencies because I asked first before I gave them (big office) a class on time management of patients with nurses and patients watching/listening.  Then I very calmly sat down and picked up a magazine on health and stress management.  I needed a “happy pill” and I don’t have any of those but bet I could have gotten one pretty easy about then.

This isn’t RVing but it is part of RVing if that makes sense.  We have to geter ur done.  Sorta like changing the oil in your RV.  You just have to do it and go on. 

Hey, my Demco Dominator tow bar.  I sent an email last week to them telling them how disappointed I was in their product for the second time in less than 8 months.  I had an email waiting upon my return.  The rest of the story tomorrow. 

See Ya……..

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