Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Joe Peterson Escapees #1

Joe suddenly passed away shortly have 2 PM today (Wed).  Our hearts and prayers go out to Kay and family.

He will be missed dearly by oh so many people.

Bob Bear #42 passed away not too long ago.  These two “guys” are up there right now joking around with each other.  Joe is asking Bob, “What time will those special biscuits and gravy be ready?” Bob will probably reply back with something like, “As soon as you tell me a new joke which means a long time.” Everybody around Joe has “those special personal stories” and hopefully they will be heard again and again as time goes on.

All of us down here want new jokes and hot biscuits & gravy when we all arrive.

See ya two….hopefully not to soon!  That’s to give Joe some time to gather some new jokes.

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