Thursday, December 2, 2010

BSer talking to the BSers

I have mentioned that we have been looking for another RV.  Why you ask.  We travel about 22-25K miles a year.  This Phaeton is just not made for this type of usage for a long period of time bottom line.  I was told we needed a bus for our kind of traveling.  How true but cost will not permit us to have a 4 slide bus. So, we have been looking for a heavier, better built coach.  We narrowed it down to a Monaco product because of their chassis and their heavier sidewalls, flooring, & roofs.  Higher up the food chain ($) better the RV usually.  The dust is settling in the middle of that chain.  We can’t afford new and really don’t want new.  Been there done that.  We are dealing with Lazydays, Mike Thompson, McMahons, Giant, DeMartini and one or two I can’t remember.  The recession is over and dealers are back to wanting to make a big profit on our rig and the one they are selling.  Who said it’s a buyer market?  Not according to these dealers.  Anyhow, I talked to so many salesmen today that I ran down my cell phone battery. The dust is settling and a loaded 2007 Holiday Rambler Sceptor 40’ PDQ is coming to the top.  It’s in California.  The next few days and looking at all the fine print will be fun.  If the paperwork passes my eyeball then I will fly out and crawl under around the thing.  I actually do.  Hope the jacks work so I can get under it.  If they don’t that would be a red flag – huh.

I got them down a lot on price and we are dealing with our trade price.  Anybody want to buy a 08 Phaeton cheap right now?DSCF1074 DSCF1086 DSCF1091

Full timers are the worst people to sell a RV to I’ve been told by salesmen.  They (full timers) know what they want and don’t want to give up certain things.  We insist on these “things” because they are our homes.  I will never say this or any RV will be our last RV.  I’ve learned not to say that. I want our next RV to go 5-10 fast years and 200K plus miles.  My last pick up was a Dodge with a Cummins.  Bought it new and we traded it in it had 223K miles and it still looked and ran good.

I did get my butt in the cooker today also – not my butt! Tomorrow I will take it and pull at it.  Don’t everybody pull at their butt?  Take a look behind the butts.DSC_0001

Yep that’s Tabasco pulp.  I got it (again) while down in Louisiana a couple of weeks ago.  When Tabasco is finished making there sauce this pulp is left over.  Yes, it’s hot – oh yea….I will bring it out to our Quartzsite gathering the last weekend in January.  If you would like to attend send me an email and I will send you more details. It’s free!

See ya……….

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