Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Carol’s Mom in Baltimore

We did not get the Patriot Thunder because the dealer, PPL of Texas, does not take trades (buy) valued over 100K.

I was asked why I tell everybody about the faults with our Tiffin if I expect to sell it. Well, I tell the faults but I also have ALL of them corrected.  I would sell our coach to a friend and would prefer to because it’s such an outstanding deal.  Besides, Tiffin works on their coaches and most of the time there is no charge or a minimal one.  Try that with ANY other manufacture. Tiffin is the best customer service repore with their owners than anybody.  Ask a good repair facility how Tiffin treats them.  Again, better that the rest.  I am real picky about our coach and I want to be in excellent condition no matter how old it gets.  A lot of full timers are like this – I think!

Our Tiffin Phaeton 40’ QDH today and the last day for sale is $140K.  Why so low?  Because we can buy the Thunder low.  It’s that simple!  Call me now (530) 878-0111 if you want it!

Not good news.  Late today Carol’s Mom was diagnosed with active cancer and prognosis is poor.  Treatments, if any, will be discussed with her after Christmas .  She’s home and in good spirits.

Our immediate schedule will change accordingly…

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