Saturday, December 25, 2010

Yes, Merry Christmas it is….no snow!

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it.  And those that don’t, have a merry day.

Major holidays for full timers can be difficult in unusual ways that the non full timers don’t realize.   Full timers can’t be near relatives on all holidays.  “That” presents the unusual problem  which is finding a campground that is not full or for members only.  Seems simple to find one but it isn’t.  We belong to a variety of membership campgrounds of which only one let’s us stay in during any and all holiday periods.  That one is Thousand Trails/NACO (TTN).  We bought our membership used in 1999 for about $1,200. We now pay $460 a year dues.  We get 2 weeks in at a time (unlimited times) and then have to stay one week out. We can make our reservations 90 days out.  There are many different TTN contracts.

We are here in Livingston, TX for Christmas.  For New Years we will be at North Ranch, Escapees Park, at Denny & Susie's.  We already have reservations (except Quartzsite (Jan) of course) thru March.  Southern California and Yuma gets crowded during the winter months because of the  snowbird RVers looking for that warm weather.

So, have a peaceful, wonderful, calm day…….

See Ya………….

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