Sunday, December 19, 2010


I slept in till 7 AM this morning.  That’s rare especially since I wasn’t up around 3 or 4 AM.  I guess this week of being at Tiffin and then at a dealer wore me out.  Being at Motor Home Specialist dealership was a story in itself.  Saturday morning I waited 1 1/12 hours and 3 phone calls for my salesman.  I was pissed!  When he arrived I chewed is butt and said he was fired and I got another salesman.  The next salesman was a little intimated to say the least.  I guess he was to be sacrificed.  It was very quiet with this guy.  I found water damage in the Dynasty.  So that was a no no.  I found “checking” in the paint of the Thunder and Camelot.  Checking is where these very tiny hair like cracks come from underneath the paint.  Bad fiberglass or something.  Jo & Pete Peters have had their coach (Newmar) sidewalls replaced twice because of it.  No thanks.

I got a little low on fuel when I left the dealer.  When I filled up it took 87 gallons and I got 8.9 MPG. I’m not pulling a car so that was probably part of the fuel increase.  My Sliverleaf engine monitoring system said I had 13 gallons left and had got 9 MPG.  That’s pretty close.  Usually it’s about 3% off on the fuel mileage

I had a compartment door on the coach that was coming open ever once in awhile and hard to close.  I broke out the tools and took the door handle off and got to the internal door latch/locking device.  Fixed it and two others.  I guess I’m a Tiffin worker.  Nope, not yet.  I didn’t brake anything or scratch anything!

Are you smarter than a fifth grader?  Carol learned today that lobsters are not only from Maine.  They are in Florida too she remarked after reading Nick's Blog. Yes, I learned how to do hyperlinks. Thanks Sharon.

This week it’s supposed to get into the 70s in the day and 50s at night here in Livingston.  How sweet it is.  I will get the coach washed and try and put a coat of wax on.  I wonder if I can get it waxed in Yuma for $100 or so?

Tomorrow Carol finishes her medical check “up”.  that means we have to leave about 5:30 AM for the hour or so drive to Conroe’s hospital.  We should be back about 1 or 2 PM.

See Ya………….

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  1. Howdy Dennis,

    Where in Ft. Worth did you go?? I've been to all of them and they are ----- and they tell big fat ---- .. What did you look at??
    Have you made an offer, yet?? Ask Nick if all
    RV salesmen talk out of their ----- !!! Why don't you swap with him?? You might get a good mechanic thrown in!!! HA HA HA Yeah, right!!!!

    We are wishing you & Carol MERRY CHRISTmas &
    A COOOL YULE!!!!!!!!!!!