Thursday, December 30, 2010

And The Adventure Continues

We left about 7:15 AM in the rain and wind to get to La Mesa RV here in Tucson to get our tank repaired.  We arrived and got into a bay with half the coach sticking out due to working on the water tank.  The tech was taking off the outside body panel and it just about fell off the coach. Tiffin didn’t screw the panel to anything.  He filled the water tank up and there was the leak at the overflow connection.  It wasn’t screwed into the tank properly and appeared to have stripped the threads in the tank.  If bad, the tank would have to be replaced.  He had a very hard time getting to the overflow connection and turning the fitting but with some ingenuity and experience he got to it.  He cut it out.  Tiffin workers had done some thread damage but it was repairable.   DSC_0001

He replaced the connection (properly) and added a flex pipe to keep the stress off the connection.  The piping on the right is Tiffin’s work.DSC_0003

This guy (Donny) is a master tech with over 25 years experience.  He wanted it done the right way this time.  He then readjusted the outside panel and installed it correctly.  You could see the disgust on his face from the work that the Tiffin workers did.  I would trust this guy to do repair work on my rig again no matter the brand.  That’s rare for me to find.

3PM today at it’s 42 degrees.  It could get down to 22 degrees tonight.  I wrapped the water pipes in our water compartment. I might even turn on the propane tonight.

Can you see the snow on the mountains across the way? That was from last night.DSC_0004

Last night (Thur) it only got down to 30 degrees.  That don’t sound right to an RVer “only 30 degrees.”

We leave Friday for Congress, AZ and meet up with Denny/Susie and Don/Sharon there.

See Ya………….

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