Friday, December 24, 2010

Dominator Tow Bar/Moms/Caring

Demco sent my repaired Dominator back to me.  I  really was hesitant to use this hitch again especially going to Alaska. As matter of fact, I had already brought my Blue Ox tow bar out of retirement and was going to use it.  Well, after looking at what Demco did to their tow bar I was very satisfied that it appeared to be updated correctly.  In the picture below you can see what appears to be a silver bar.  It’s a manual release lever so when you move the black handle down it pushes the silver lever and the tension is released on the bar that attaches to the car.  It appears to work well.  We’re going to use it and leave the Blue Ox here.  So, If you have a Dominator Tow Bar by Demco, call them and ask for Scott.  He is familiar with the updating they are doing on the bars they sold over the last year or so.  Tell him I said to call him, the guy from the RV Driving School.  Good guy and very concerned on making it right.  Us being full timers give us more insight to certain products and sometimes the manufactures need and desire our input on new products.  What they do with that information will separate them. DSC_0009

I still had to brake out my tools.  I don’t care for the straight cable that came with the Dominator. I like the curly ones so I changed them. Personal preference.DSC_0007


I have a lot of extra tow bar parts that I don’t have to carry with me anymore.  DSC_0010

I decided to try and put my clean butt in the frig.  Where do you keep your clean but?.  You ask what is clean butt.  Well, OK, clean smoked pork butt doesn't have any crust, really. Makes sense don’t it?  Anyhow, our frig is a 12 cube frig (4 door) and half the freezer held the 29 lbs.  That should feed 100 people or so.  I turned off the freezer underneath and will take it for Alaska fish booty.DSC_0004-1


Bud & Cathie Carr dropped by our place to bring us a card and gift.  Hey, for them to take time from their grieving of losing their loved ones shows their true character of caring for others.  Both of their Dads would be proud.

Mom update.  Both are out of the hospitals and doing fine.

See Ya………..

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