Saturday, December 11, 2010

Chased By A Tornado

After filling up with fuel ($3.05) I got on the road a little before 8 AM.  The northern route to Red Bay was about 614 miles and right into rain.  I decided to go the more southern route which is about 625 miles but it is also a slower route which is fine.  I was trying to avoid all the rain.  My first stop was about 300 miles out.  I made a sandwich, got something to drink, bathroom and back on the road.  Then about 4 PM on the LA & MS state line my radio went bananas. Dog on a tornado was chasing me.  It was coming behind me about 40 miles or so.  That was fine but I was about ready to hang a left and go north and I did.  Well, the rain caught me about 100 miles from Red Bay so I stopped.  The tornado and the 60 MPH winds, hail, went south of me.  I just got some rain and it was all over by about 8PM.  I stopped about 6 PM. I figured I would just stay the night.  I’m parked in some cancer research center on asphalt near Starkville, MS.  The Garmin trucking GPS works great.  I couldn’t use it though because it wouldn’t let me run on the Natchez parkway which I did for about 125 miles or so.  Otherwise I like it.  It gives to give more voice commands when exiting off a road onto another one.  My other one wouldn’t tell you what was next into you completed the first turn.  This one gives a heads up.  I might switch over to truck (one button) the last 100 miles and see how it does.  It lets you put in height, weight, width and a few other things.  It’s pretty neat and would prefer it over the old one so far.

The roads around Fort Polk are terrible.DSC_0005 - Copy

Don’t follow this guy…DSC_0007 - Copy

Hey, birdges.DSC_0010 - Copy

When I go over a bridge I concentrate on my left lower convex mirror. Why? Because I watch the side of the rig and how close I’m to the white center line and I get close to it.  No need to really look in the left mirror once you learn to use that left mirror and white line.  I won’t mentioned Nick and his troubles with the such. Concentrate being in your lane near that center line and not the big picture of being in a unusual situation.DSC_0011 - Copy 

I like traveling the Natchez Trace – double the pleasure.DSC_0012

The best shot I could get of the rain and I spent the night here.DSC_0021

See Ya…..

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