Wednesday, December 29, 2010

77 Miles today – WOW!

Here’s the Ft Willcox RV Park.  Nothing fancy but OK for sure.DSC_0001

Sun rise….DSC_0002 DSC_0004

Hey, what can I say.  When we have to put down miles we like the first day to be the hard day (500-650 miles), the second day a medium day (300-400 miles)and the last day a very easy day (200 miles or less).  This usually gets us about 1100 or so miles in a few days.  Again, this is when we have to because we sat at our last place longer for what ever the reason.  Normally we like to travel about 200-300 miles a day is OK.  We enjoy the sights/memories that we have seen a lot more than once.

Today was about 75 miles to the Davis Monthan AFB in Tucson. When we left Willcox we went up the road to Benson and stopped at one our favorite breakfast chain restaurants – Denny’s.  DSC_0017

We parked along the road across the street.  there was a dirt lot nearby also.  I had the two buck biscuit/gravy and hash browns. Coffee was $1.85.  Carol had her waffle/strawberry, etc.  $14 bucks plus tip ($2) out the door.  Cracker Barrel I think we go out the door for about $10 (plus tip) and get more food.  We order for one and share the monster breakfast.

It’s a RV is the only thing I can about this.  Who, what, don’t know and we missed the tag.  DSC_0008

Just going down the road…DSC_0012

Not many clouds but that changed later.DSC_0013

The storm is coming…DSC_0007

Davis Monthan Campground.  $17 FHU 50 AMP and can stay 21 days if you so desire.  Later today the weather changed.  Windy as hell.  We must be near Yuma. Then some rain.DSC_0018

We went to La Mesa RV to check it out.  No problem getting there or pulling in for tomorrow.  We talked to a salesman and the the manger just funning around. They’re slow and they didn’t have anything we wanted.  As we were walking out a couple stopped us.  Hey, aren’t you the driving school?  The guy pulled a pin out of his pocket that said RV Driving School Alumni.  Now the La Mesa people saw this and knew we had something going on.  Their curiosity was fixed when they came over and joined the conversation.  The couple had just purchased a Mobile Suites from them.  Anyhow, it was a nice meeting and we invited them to our get together in Quartzsite.

That night the wind was really howling.

See Ya………

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