Thursday, December 23, 2010

Loading Up

Loading up is a little strange for us.  We don’t unload the coach unless it’s to rearrange our “stuff” and it only takes a day.  We have been back and forth out of Mom Hill’s mobile with our stuff.  The coach has been about half full for over a month.  We could actually forget to put something in.  We haven’t been in this situation in over 10 years.  Very different for us.

This nice little coach is ready to roll.  I had to take the picture at dusk otherwise the wheels would have been to much of a glare for the camera……..I need to put a coat of wax on this coach before Alaska.   I will get in done down in Yuma sometime.  Hand wax for about $100-125 I hope.DSC_0004

The kayaks went on top the car today. I put them on a few days before we leave so I can check them for tightness as we travel around the city. DSC_0006

The extra water filters for southern AZ got installed today also.  I have three.  The first two are cheap. The first one is a string filter and the second is charcoal.The last one is a block charcoal.  The first two I change when we leave the AZ area.  Maybe the first one in February.  Then the rest in late March.  After that I won’t change until October probably.DSC_0005

The freezer  I went ahead and put in the coach.  I went back and forth on carrying this hunk of heavy mental.  I think the 12 volt is broke on it which means it has to have the inverter on all the time with stuff in it.  Where are we going, Quartzsite and Alaska.  Maybe Denny can help me fix that problem.  Hey, I got a 12 volt little inverter.  Now I just have to find it.  It’s in the barn some where.  I found it and it works fine.  It’s that little device on the lower right.DSC_0013

Then Carol wanted her Belgian Waffle Maker. There’s my aluminum pot that I make what ever in.  I use it for group cooking.DSC_0014 

I went back and forth on the turkey cooker too.  It’s going.  I’m bringing a small electric deep fryer also.  Oh what the hell, bring it all!  If we use them great, if not, return them to Livingston next year after Alaska, Escapade, Pomona, etc…..DSC_0015

Alaska – we ALL are preparing.  The “Alaska Gang” has 5 coaches that now have plans on going.  We have been exchanging ideas/information and it’s starting to come together. I got some long johns and a cold weather jacket. These are usually for the boat trips out in the cold water. Carol still has these from our last trip.  I got an extra set of windshield wipers and one gallon of oil for the coach.  I usually carry a partial container of oil.  No air filter.  It’s just to big and bulky. Never needed one in the past, why now?

Diesel in Anchorage has gone up less than 5 cents a gallon the last six months or so.  It’s about $3.67 a gallon now.  In Washington state it’s about the same as Alaska. Here in Livingston, Texas it’s $3.09. In California it’s running just about at $3.50 a gallon for diesel.  On the Alaska trip many months ago I figured about $4.10 a gallon so I’m still within my original estimates.

The Mom’s – Carol’s Mom had to go back in the hospital toady because of fluid on her lungs.  My Mom was taken to the hospital late tonight due to a reaction to her new meds.  Both are expected to be released tomorrow.  Hey, what can we I say?

See ya………

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