Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Slow Day, Gumbo Time,

It’s 5 AM and 33 degrees out and that’s good.  That sure does sound crazy but compared to the teens we are in a heat wave.  Today expected high is 36 with some rain.  Tonight's low is expected to be 36 degrees with some chance of rain.  That’s enough on the weather.

Today will be a slow day for repairs.  Check on why they didn’t do a good job on our seats is on top of my list.  Where’s Bob Tiffin’s number….

Took care of a little task for Don & Sharon which was basically returning a ladder and getting some lights for them.  Tiffin couldn’t find the correct ladder for their Phaeton.  Hey, it’s only the manufacture what do you expect?

Bob & Molly took me out for lunch to this little restaurant in the nearby state.  I wanted to go on to Arizona and warmth but they had to get back to baby sit their coach.

They came over later for some of Mark's gumbo that I had frozen.I made available a few more of my fixin’s to make it just right.

Tomorrow starts the flooring replacement under the water tanks.  This will be interesting.  I’ve been watching these guys all week.  They got it down to a science.  Also, the lack of the proper repair of our Pilot and Co-pilot seats reached Bob Tiffin’s office late today.  Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

I had pictures to insert above but lost track which file they went into.  Use your imagination….

See ya…………..

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