Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cold butt

Starting tomorrow night it will be below freezing for almost the next week and highs only in the 50’s.  This is not our type of weather at all.  Condensation starts up, heat pumps don’t work, electric heaters are abound and become obstacles.  I just smile and say, Quartzsite won’t be this bad nor Alaska next year  Ahhh……. 

Next - I got two more butts to do and then I have to figure out where to put my butt.  Do you have that problem of  finding a place to put your big butt?  It might all fit in our coach frig freezer if we don’t have anything else in it. Worse case I brake out the portable freezer out of storage and bring it.  It really eats up the AMPS when boone docking.  And more “stuff” to carry but it’s cool “stuff.”  We will then probably use it to carry Alaskan halibut in it also.  Six months from now we should be able to see Russia.

Fuel – who the hell is raising the fuel prices?  Who ever the watchdog is they are really asleep on the job.  Diesel can only be had for under $3 bucks a gallon in few and far places.  It dropped a little last week and then 2 days ago it was raised 10 cents a gallon overnight.  Gas was $2.61 and now it’s $2.75.  Get this.  In Alaska fuel has not gone up two cents in the last 8 months.  I have been monitoring it. They don’t have any refineries up there. They get their fuel from down here and then it’s shipped up there. What the hell?  Hey, we can only gripe about it anymore.  We have lost complete control.  We are at the mercy of many millionaires – oil companies & bankers. What’s that joke, “How do you know when a oil company is lying? Their lips are moving.” That’s as far as I will get into politics.

A new used RV update.  The dealer refused our offer on the Patriot Thunder.  We now have three more offers to two different dealers (CA & TX), all older and 42’ & bigger.  Hey fuel going up – prices on these big babies should be falling shortly. Someone will have to tell these dealers though!

Tomorrow I might wash the coach to include the roof in the AM and see if I can get some ice sickles hanging.  Not much else is hanging in cold weather. 

Smile…See Ya……….

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