Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Normal RV Dealers -

I’ve been doing a lot of back and forth with two dealers about a used coach.  One is here in Texas and the other is in California.  They are treating us pretty much the same - like poo.  I guess it’s a sales tactic.  They don’t call when they say they will most of the time.  I thought we were pretty close on a deal with each of them.  The same with Lazydays in Flordia.  Lazydays started off like that and I don’t call them at all now.  I think I know too much about the price/quality of coaches thus they can’t “land a big one.” I had one dealer tell me that the dealership only makes $1k to $1.5k on a $200k coach.  Yea, right!  And I own three Prevosts too.  The idiots. Well, here’s my otter telling them all what he thinks of them. He’s crooked like they are.  They need to straighten up.DSC_0004

Back to the other kind of butts.

Yesterday ready for the smoker with a total of 18 lbs of butt.DSC_0002

22 hours later…todayDSC_0001

Left side are hunks of butt and the right side is the crust.DSC_0002

Here it is as pulled pork.DSC_0004

This time I did not mix the crust with the clean pork.  Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t.  There are people out there that would just like the crust with a little of the regular pork and that is in the two upper bags. Real heavy flavor on the seasonings with the crust portion.  It takes about 1 1/2 hours to clean the pork to this stage from the smoker.  I’m slow.  When it was all said and done the 18 lbs of uncooked pork turned into 8 lbs of no fat smoked pulled pork.  DSC_0008

ALL DONE THIS YEAR!.. I know 22 lbs of cooked pork will feed 75+ people.  I have over 50 lbs of some of the best Texas smoked pulled pork around if I say so myself.  I have smoked with Tabasco pulp down to the Pappy’s seasonings.  Quartzsite – I’m ready.  The last two years the weather has been a little rough but we still had a blast.  We are over due for some really outstanding weather this January.  If not, oh well, I guess we will have to settle just for the fun. I’m so excited about quartzite I might have to start wearing wee wee pads.

See Ya………….

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  1. Dennis
    Why don't you pick one of the MHs that you like best and go out to see them. They may think you are more serious and more agreeable face to face.
    Also I am new to Full timing and are planning to go to Quartzite in January. I have never been there before. We are members of Escapees and would like to meet other members there.
    Where is a good place to stay in Quartzsite?

    Roy & Ann