Friday, December 10, 2010

Moving Day

We’re moving Carol’s “stuff” out of the coach toady and realize my “stuff” pile is a lot smaller that hers.  What’s up with that?  I know. It’s the old I throw something of mine away and she gets something new for her.

I plan on leaving between 7-8 AM tomorrow (Saturday).  Why, because I can.  I would like to make this 600+ mile trip in one day.  Why, because I can, again. It’s like if you got a sport/hobby you like and when you can do it you would like to do it as much as possible.  Like sex, right? Well, when it comes to driving I really enjoy it and want to do a lot of it.  The only way I can describe it is that it’s like watching an interactive big screen TV.  People rave about the Wii play game. I got a real one out my front windshield.  My brother in law is in the 1,000 miles in one day range.  I use to be but it’s real ruff on the heard anymore to include Carol.  I can crank out a 700-800 mile day ever once in a while if need be and Carol has a good book.  Oh no I’m addicted.  Where’s a 12 step program for addictive driver?   We can call it Driver’s United Anonymously and DUH for short. Now that there should have at least brought a smile. If you didn’t get it, I can only say..duhhhhhhhh or have some with an IQ of about 80 or less tell you.

Around 2 PM today I got the final OK to come to Tiffin so they can start work Monday.  They are replacing the driver window, reupholster the driver and passenger seats, replace the flooring under all tanks with a water proof material (duh) and replace the seal around the bedroom slide (3rd time).  Then one or two little things.  I think they will be done on Wednesday or earlier if more than two guys work on it.  I have to leave Saturday no matter what.

Rain is expected most of the day tomorrow afternoon.  I’m going to drive around it.  It’s coming from the northwest.  I’m going to go south by southeast as long as I can, maybe even stop so the rain can go by.  We will see.

See ya………….

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  1. Wait a minute - you're going South? To get to Red Bay? It might be more than 600 some miles! DUH!