Friday, December 17, 2010

What Time Did I Leave?

This can go on my Tombstone…Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "...Thank you Jesus ...what a ride!"  I was sent that and I like it.

I pulled out of Red Bay about 4 AM.  Bob & Molly can verify because I gave them a little toot by their window as I went by.  Love those Hadley horns.  Shortly after leaving I got an idea.  Why go to Livingston, why not go to Fort Worth? It’s only 700 miles away.  What’s there?  It’s another RV dealer that has some coaches I want to look at.  Hey I can make it by 5 PM and I did, 4:30 PM.  They close at 6.

I didn’t even have time to stop at Nick’s Place.DSC_0002


The salesman greeted me upon my arrival and parked me in my nice FHU space. Hey, it’s free.  I even got my sat dish up and running after pulling out from the roof.DSC_0004

We went riding around on his golf cart.  He saw this was going to take awhile.  He gave me a cart and said he would catch up with me later.  I was in out of coaches like a hungry mouse looking for cookies on Christmas eve.  I found the coach.  It’s a ………… No need to tell you yet.  Carol gave her tentative yes.  There’s just one little tiny problem – they want too much for the old clunker I found on their back lot.  Tomorrow I will crawl under it and see if it has an engine.  Then I will start the dickering.  Hey, I have no problem making them an offer that they can and probably will refuse.  They have already on two other coaches.  I’m use to being told “no” a lot.   I believe in wearing them out – not them wearing me out.  Best defense is a good offense, charge…………

So it’s time to go back to bed so I can rest and be prepared in the AM to dance around these sales people like I know what I’m doing.

Then 225 miles to Livingston. 

Note..Carol’s Mom (in Md) has cancer.  Not sure how much, etc.  This week coming up is a whole bunch of tests to see what’s going on……

Yes, our jello schedule just got some water added meaning it could change very easy depending on life as always.  We are very very flexible with our schedule until March (Nick’s rally).  Phaeton’s don’t go into cold weather (Baltimore).  This new used clunker can!

See Ya………….

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  1. Dennis,

    Sorry to hear about Carol's Mom, all my best and we'll say a prayer.

    Merry Christmas,

    Erik 'n Ronda