Sunday, December 5, 2010

GPS & Remembering Where To Go

Yep, I thought someone had came out with a GPS for truckers (& RVers too).  I don’t know when but I know who – Garmin.  We had a Magellian ($79), then we got a Garmin last year.  I still use Streets & Trips to plan trips and sometimes have it on my dash in the little Acer computer.  Now I use the Acer mainly for Silverleaf.  I could switch back and forth but then I wouldn’t have an excuse for getting more “stuff.” So, I was on Ebay and found the Garmin 465T. The “T” is important.  I think it stands for truck – duhhh.  Refurbished they were running about $255 and new about $275 up plus shipping.  Well, I had just had to bid on one.  I will get it delivered this week for $263 (new).  I read some reviews on it and it got good and bad reviews.  Bottom line – it’s only as good as the information in it and Garmin has no control over the correctness of the information I found out.  They get their mapping from other big national mapping organizations like all GPS systems do.  Anyhow, I will give it a try and let you all know how it is from an RVer’s steering wheel.

Monday is Carol’s Dr day over in Conroe about 1 hour plus away.  She aligned them up all for one day. 

People are asking me what about the head Cat Scan and special blood test that I had done last month. I really hesitate to say but I will.  This all came about because I have trouble remembering or recalling things and it’s more than just the little “stuff.”  It’s the stupid and ridiculous stuff that I remember very well. It’s like I have no real control over what I need or should remember.  Carol says it’s husband selective listening turned up high. I have had this unusual memory loss the last 6 months or so.  The doc thought it might be the high dosage of one of my meds was the cause.  The blood tests says it wasn’t.  Since I had a real bad head fall last year he wanted to rule that out.  That was ruled out with the cat scan.  I pick up my normal scrips tomorrow with no changes.  Plus my Dr got me on Vitamin D, 1000 IU a day.  That’s more than double the daily dosage.  It sounds stupid but I forgot why (hey - smile).  Yes, as we all get older the memory bank get’s over stuffed and we forget things. It’s part of getting older.  Mine must be really stuffed…..and I’m not all that old.  At least that’s what the older people tell me.  As long as I know which side of the road to drive on I will be fine.  If I forget that, we will just have to move to Florida and I will be considered normal down there. As Denny Orr says, I will be F I N E.

See ya………

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