Tuesday, December 7, 2010


When we got back yesterday about 7 PM I had an email from Demco about my being disappointed with their new Dominator two bar for the second time.  They asked me to take my tow bar to West RV Repair and they would box it up and return it to Demco. DSC_0001

Demco said they were aware of the new problem and would repair it and send it back before Christmas if I was OK with that. I said yes and took it to Rick at West RV Repair here in Livingston, TX.  He’s a great guy and has a great relationship with his customers.  I also gave him information/number about Mac the Fire Guy.  He saw my automatic fire extinguisher in the back of my Norcold frig compartment and fell in love with it.  Back to Demco.  If you have a Dominator tow bar and it’s giving you a fit to unhook from you two vehicle, basically won’t relived the tension on the bar so you can easily disconnect, here is my point of contact. Use it wisely. 

Scott Johnsen

Demco - Dethmers Mfg. Co.

4010 320th St. Boyden, Ia. 51234

800-543-3626  Ext.162

And his private #712 725-3162

After dropping the hitch off we went to the Court House Cafe for breakfast.  Nice little local place, nothing fancy.  They got a nice “stuff” shop hooked to it also. Try it when you are here in Livingston. 

On the way back to the coach I saw a sign that I couldn’t believe – diesel up 10 cents a gallon since yesterday.  What the hell, $3.09?

As Howdy Doody use to say, “What time is it?” It’s Butt time. These babies are big at 9 lbs each.DSC_0002 

I use a variety of chips.DSC_0005

Soak them anywhere from an hour to a day or two.DSC_0006

Then to the smoker for about 22 hours at 225 degrees.DSC_0003

Later that day I decided to wash the coach from the tippy top to bottom.  It was 50 degrees with no wind, perfect.  Mission accomplished.  It took about 2 1/2 hours and she shines pretty.  Maybe the wheels tomorrow.  Got to keep the wheels shiny…

That evening it rained and all night a slight drizzle/rain and into the next day.  Hey, I’m not driving in it so it will just take a quick hose spray to get the dirt splashed on  off – probably Thursday.

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  1. Dennis, the butts look great! Talking about Diesel prices...the price here in Amarillo, TX yesterday at Love's was $3.19. Mac bought it at WalMart (Murphy's) for $3.05. That's a lot of difference in one town.