Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Damn Cold, Hospitals & Escapees Number #42

It’s 5:30 AM and 13 degrees outside and 63 degrees inside the coach.  The front windshield had ice on the inside again.  I don’t like using the LP furnace. I just don’t like them. I rather be uncomfortable with cold than be uncomfortable with the LP furnace in a RV at night while trying to sleep.  Here’s how I defreeze the front windshield.  I put a heater on low and turn the two overhead fans on and towels (Carol’s). Takes about 15-20 minutes. DSC_0001


Water lines did not freeze so far.  I put towels around the exposed lines.  The hot shower was great.  Coming out of the shower was the killer. No pictures allowed.DSC_0002


The workers did some more work on the bedroom slide with more silicone and new gizmos (now on 2011 models) that helps keep the water out.  It’s that strip of metal along the bottom of the slide out (facing you).  They had it painted first then installed it – great job.  They did an extensive water test with no leaks. they also checked the entire area for any water damage – none.DSC_0004


They tore apart Carol’s Co-pilot seat.  How does Carol’s new seat look? Then did mine.DSC_0003

The end result was not acceptable on neither seat.  They (different worker) only replaced half the bad material.  I will share my feelings tomorrow.

No wind today so it was pretty good even with the temps in the 30s.


Family – Carol’s Mom (in Md) went back in the hospital Sunday for trouble breathing for the third time this month. She’s still in the hospital pending more tests. Our daughter’s husband got admitted to  ICU at a hospital (in Ca) Sunday for extremely high blood pressure which they still haven’t got control of yet.  He’s still in ICU..So, our plans have gone  to watery jello just about overnight.


A  very sad note to pass on……

Just got word today that Bob Bear (SKP #42) passed away.  Everybody who met Bob liked him.  He was just one of those kind of guys.  Him and his wife Betty were among the very first Escapees.  Carol & I worked for them the last year they made Bob’s famous biscuits and gravy at the Goshen Escapade.  He really loved making his hearty biscuits and thick sausage gravy for all SKPs to enjoy.  He will be so dearly missed.  I know he’s up there making his biscuits and gravy for everybody, I just know it!  Our deepest sympathy to Betty and family.

See ya Bob…….save some biscuits & gravy for me!

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  1. Sending hugs to you and Carol. Sorry to hear about the family. Hope both are feeling better really soon.

    Get that MH put back together and stay warm.