Friday, December 3, 2010

Roof Tops and Some Butt

Yep I got on the roof without Carol being around.  The AC/heat pump started acting up again.  It was making a noise like a helicopter was going to land on the roof.  Last time this happened we didn’t get to a repair place (Tiffin) for about 6 months or so.  Didn’t need it and didn’t use it so no rush.  This time I decided I was going to take a look at it.  All RVers eventually get into the “I 'ill just take a look mode.”

Got my tools..ready to take a look. See that screw driver. I need that to take a real good look inside.DSC_0001

I think I got room for two more solar panels.DSC_0002

Got it all apart and theirs the problem. The inside fan cage was hitting the insulation.  So I cut the bad part out and put it all back together.  Runs fine and my head got a little bigger.  DSC_0003

Butt time……… down and one to go.  I think everybody should have some buttDSC_0004

Even the dog………..DSC_0005

Now here’s a guy who is getting some hot butt…..DSC_0008

Here's two cool cats sleeping after being loose all day. DSC_0010

See ya………….

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