Thursday, December 9, 2010

Free Dogs and Garmin

Chapter 10 had a luncheon get together today.  It’s one of those affairs that starts at 1PM.  Yea, and if you show up at 1PM you are late.  We arrived at 12:30 and the place was already jumping.  I took this picture at 1PM and as you can see people are in line getting their free dogs.

After lunch they had in auction.  It's a lot of fun every time we gone.  This time I got a bottle of Vodka for $18.  I’m preparing for cold weather like the Russians do.  As you know we will be close to Russia up in Alaska next year.  I see on Nick’s blog that he’s having an Alaska rally. His blog is at I don’t know how to do those fancy entries so you can just click on a title. I just have to enter the whole address like above.  Joe & Vicki will be there.  I can smell the garlic bread already!!!!!! It’s an inside joke.  Either that or they are Italian. DSC_0002-1 DSC_0001-1

We got back to the coach a little before 4 PM just in time to pick up our mail.  I got my Garmin 465T just like the company on EBay said I would – great.  This is the trucker one.  Pete – yes the truck icon is BIG.  I put in the height, weight, width and max axle weight (20,000 lbs).  So far so good.  It’s a lot like my other Garmin but this has Truck fuel stops, truck repair places, truck this and truck that.  You can also switch it to a regular car route real quick if you wish.

  Saturday I will be able to try it out.  Saturday I leave for Tiffin to get some more free repairs done.  It will cost about $500 in fuel round trip but I’m getting about $2,500 worth of repairs done.  I will get into all that when I get there.  The key word here is “I”. Carol will be staying in a tent here on the lot.  Not even a dream.  She’s staying in Mom Hill’s mobile with the rest of the heard. 

Being at Red Bay, AL (Tiffin manufacture) any more than once would be considered by most as too much. We’ve been there I think about 6 or 7 times at least.  I’m afraid to count. Never say never but this could be the last trip for us (me). 

Tomorrow we have to divide our “stuff” up into what will stay with Carol and what she will let me take.  The coach will be a little lighter I’m sure.

Side note – Ron & Ann email me at and I will tell you about Quartzsite.  Or anyone else for that matter…

See Ya…..

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