Monday, December 13, 2010


At 7:15 AM no one had assigned me a repair bay yet.  I have learned from experience that you don’t want to set here at Tiffin and wait for them.  I went and saw Jimmy who said “Oh yea, I got your paperwork somewhere.”  He found it and said “I will get you in soon.”  I just remarked I needed to be gone by this weekend.  He said “Oh yea.”  I didn’t ask what “soon” was.  Here at Tiffin you have to ask for more details like what is “soon”.  I goofed.  Anyhow, I was in a repair bay by about 8:30.  That was good because my water lines near my water pump froze and that’s after sun up.  I had the light on overnight but had to put a heater on them.  They hadn’t thaw out by the time I went in. They did shortly after going in the repair shop. The heater went on the table, etc.  Tonight I will wrap the visible water lines with towels (Carol’s). No heater until daylight.   DSC_0003


They worked on my slide out leak, replaced the driver window, took the dinette chairs to reupholster.  My worker took me over where they do the flooring on the tank compartment.  He said they’re were 3 other rigs ahead of me and they would get to me Thursday morning.  Now I have to find the upholster guy.  I didn’t get to talk to him but he supposedly was saying the Pilot and Copilot seats were a problem.  I want to see what the problem is then go from there. Where’s that Bob Tiffin?

Bob & Molly Pinner (pic from past) are here and I think they will apply for squatter rights this week.  They are very happy with the work so far on their coach.  New tile floors and now working on replacing all the cabinets.  DSC_0016

Bob & Molly brought the little green guy back. They couldn’t control him and left him locked up all the time.  At least that’s what he told me.DSC_0002 

We went to Swamp John’s for lunch.  Hey, we are at Red Bay.  I didn’t take my camera. I did find a pic of my kitty cat while looking for an old Swamp John’s picture.DSC_0001

Tomorrow I go back in at 7AM for them to finish working on the slide out.  They are adding some parts and they were getting them painted today.  Tonight it’s suppose to get into the teens.  I don’t have a lamp to put in the compartment but will expect it to be frozen again but a lot earlier.  I did wrap the exposed pipes with towels (Carol’s) before and after the water pump so time will tell.

Carol called me and said she was just laying around.Carol in the road


It’s 6:30 PM and it’s 25 degrees out and going down. At least the wind has died down a lot.

It’s now 4 AM and it’s 15 degrees out.  It’s 62 in the rig and dropping slowly.  I opened the windshield shades and not to my surprise there was ice just like the night before.  Folks, the ice is in the friggin inside. Isn’t there a full timers law against this? It’s so cold my – never mine……


See ya…………

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  1. Hey, Dennis, not sure why you are having so much trouble keeping the coach warm and ice free. We've had temperatures in the teens several nights in Elkhart where we spent a week at Thanksgiving and below freezing last couple of nights in Naples and we've never had condensation or ice on the inside at all in our Phaeton. We use a single small electric heater in the evening hours until we retire for the night, then use the propane furnace. Ours is a Phaeton, too...good luck with that!